film making

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: making - the production of movies
devising, fashioning, making - the act that results in something coming to be; "the devising of plans"; "the fashioning of pots and pans"; "the making of measurements"; "it was already in the making"
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It's hoped that this departure from the mainstream of super hero and sword and sorcery films will rekindle a new interest in the forgotten gems of yesteryear, and showcase the emergence of the Black Country as the new powerhouse in film making.
FAISALABAD -- A five-day training workshop about film making organised at the Government College University Faisalabad concluded here Friday.
On the occasion DG , EP Wing said that Pakistan is keen to enhance cooperation in the film making and cinema industry.
The film making workshop is a 6 months course where students will learn the four main principles of film making: directing, editing, screenplay and videography, according to the event's official Facebook page.
He said: "We love film making, and we want to encourage others who are into films to experience the pleasure of an appreciative audience, so we came up with the idea of holding a non-competitive festival.
He draws upon his years of experience and expertise in "Shoot Like Spielberg: The Visual Secrets of Action, Wonder and Emotional Adventure" to teach the film making techniques that Spielberg employs to make his audience feel something, whether he's shooting a kids' -adventure, a dramatic chase, or the darkest war scene.
With film making and movies slowly starting to become more popular within Kurdistan, the passion and dedication put into each movie is slowly reaching outwards.
Walid said:"The biggest message to students is film making is about dedication and hard work.
The three- year programmes, Bach- elor of Science in Digital Animation Film Making, which will expose students to the secrets of animation through the art of storytelling and Bachelor of Science Programme in Digital VFX Film Making, will be available at its centres across the country including Delhi.
present their projects and find partners for joint film making on the place," Gevorgyan said.