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One who goes to see movies; a moviegoer.

film′go′ing adj.


(Film) esp Brit a person who goes to see a film or films


(ˈfɪlmˌgoʊ ər)
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It's an honour to offer these cinematic works to the film-going community and to give exposure to new sights, sounds and languages from across the Indian subcontinent." The extravaganza will screen eight feature films, seven of which will be US or North American premieres.
According to its official website, CIFF is dedicated to the "creation of opportunities for the artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers and the film-going community."
Generations of children attended and were introduced to the delights of regular film-going.
The greatest film-going yearswere in the 50s and 60s.
If drag's your bag you can get freebies for film-going.
Here on the still-political West Coast, however, the VIFF's stance has always been popular where it counts -- with the film-going public.