One who goes to see movies; a moviegoer.

film′go′ing adj.


(Film) esp Brit a person who goes to see a film or films


(ˈfɪlmˌgoʊ ər)
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Odeon was accused of hiking Spectre prices by up to PS2, with one filmgoer telling of paying "PS16.
One filmgoer said: "We were half way through the film when the alarm went off and we were ushered outside.
An Indian filmgoer rented out an entire cinema to disprove a director's claim that his latest horror movie is so scary no one can watch it alone, it was revealed yesterday.
The theatre was full that night," said one disgruntled filmgoer yesterday.
Some of my most precious images as a filmgoer aren't connected with the most coherent storytelling.
If there was a crisis for a filmgoer, it would probably be the sense that they were losing one's mind; there were a lot of crazy movies in 2004.
Just as the filmgoer reading Warshow inevitably starts to suspect that the western might be more elastic than the critic will admit, the reader who trudges through Kass must eventually wonder whether the ethicist is confusing the map with the territory.
WVE then circulated a petition via e-mail calling for a filmgoer boycott.
For all its tepid attempts at suspense and its risible depiction of information technology, the 1995 film The Net may yet turn out to be more prophetic than any self-respecting filmgoer and online aficionado would like to admit.
Translated, that means that if Jim Cameron decides to reinvent the lexicon of filmmaking in a mind-bogglingly expensive movie like "Avatar," the filmgoer will enjoy the thrill ride--and won't pay more for it.
FILMS: I'm not a big filmgoer and a lot of my favourites go back years.