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Of, relating to, or characteristic of movies; cinematic.

film′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Film) of or relating to films or the cinema
2. (Film) having characteristics that are suggestive of films or the cinema
ˈfilmically adv


(ˈfɪl mɪk)

1. pertaining to or characteristic of motion pictures.
2. containing characteristics resembling those of motion pictures.
film′i•cal•ly, adv.


[ˈfɪlmɪk] ADJfílmico
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Raflatac announced that it would double its current filmic label production at the Tampere mill in southern Finland by adding an extra coater.
But the tension between some of the lovers seems comic, as though Fischl is mocking both filmic and genuine love, flaunting a sophisticated superiority to the scene he depicts.
There has to be a filmic reason, a personal reason why a filmmaker would turn those stories into great films, and I think Peter is the right person to do it.
Though the narrative complexity of The Sopranos far surpasses that of Dallas, as Johnson argues, what's considerably more striking is the former's filmic qualities: the spare editing and subtle crafting of scenes into a whole so thematically tight that each episode serves as its own oddly sublime fable.
VCP-FILM is designed to permit UV curing of inks, coatings and adhesives over heat sensitive, thin and filmic substrates.
Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks'' is a strong, comprehensive filmic biography of America's first bona fide renaissance man.
This and certain other pieces in the show do emphasize an experiential condition particular to the projection of still images, which, in locating the viewer between memory and anticipation, opens an indeterminate zone between the autonomy of the single-frame photograph and the uninterrupted continuity of filmic illusion.
Each model can convert paper and filmic substrates at speeds up to 750 feet per minute.
Looks like Christopher Reeve's filmic update of the Jimmy Stewart thriller ``Rear Window'' is moving back to a front burner.
However remarkably filmic, the artist's collages and videos were never meant to fill this gap.
STA), a manufacturer of filmic water-based acrylic carton sealing tape and over-lamination tape, has moved its headquarters to Brea, CA.
To some viewers, Emin's film--programmed in the Experimental, Performance, and Animation section--may have looked a little thin alongside more accomplished filmic offerings from the likes of Tacita Dean and Sam Taylor-Wood.