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Of, relating to, or characteristic of movies; cinematic.

film′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Film) of or relating to films or the cinema
2. (Film) having characteristics that are suggestive of films or the cinema
ˈfilmically adv


(ˈfɪl mɪk)

1. pertaining to or characteristic of motion pictures.
2. containing characteristics resembling those of motion pictures.
film′i•cal•ly, adv.


[ˈfɪlmɪk] ADJfílmico
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Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is exploring possibilities of extending financial and technical support to State Governments in their endeavor to safeguard the countrys filmic heritage.
Filmic Label Adhesives: With great clarity and no distortion, Bostik's filmic label adhesives are not only FedEx approved, but Bostik helped write the specification and worked with FedEx to understand the demands of the shipping industry.
O'Neill's 35-mm positives are richly luminous in a way that digital just ain't, and though In Betweens was listed as the newest work in the show, the setup exudes a particular filmic nostalgia.
George devotes her book Gendering Science Fiction Films: Invaders from the Suburbs to what is considered the Golden Age of filmic science-fiction, the American 1950s.
The 36 essays presented here by Michalczyk (film studies, Boston College) and Helmick (ecumenical theology and conflict transformation, Boston College) explore filmic representations of genocide and mass atrocity from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
Claus Cluver's various expansions of literary ekphrasis and Dona Poulton's filmic ekphrasis of painting, although she is of the opinion that none of them has touched upon the ability of film, to transmedialize a work of art by adapting the pictorial into the cinematographic language, none has investigated the immense possibility of filmic ekphrasis that has at its disposal verbal, visual and auditory means of transmedializing painting.
Instagram's appeal is that it makes new digital photographs look old and gives them a filmic quality that you get naturally from film cameras.
Filmic substrates--flexible plastics--are a rapidly growing sector of the packaging industry because they allow for packaging in all types of shapes.
Tezcan references the filmic multiplicity of surfaces and the small, unique dialogues of the individual characters.
Innovia Films, a leading innovator in filmic solutions for packaging, has developed a range of cellulose-based films that when laminated together with other bio materials, can provide a fully renewable filmic structure suitable for coffee pouches--NatureFlex.
THE VERDICT Exotic, action-packed, strange and oddly wonderful, Zach (300) Snyder's epic fantasy vision is a mind-blowing filmic feast.
The filmic texts provided a considerable amount of the unit's content and context.