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adj. film·i·er, film·i·est
1. Resembling film in thinness or translucency; gauzy: filmy curtains. See Synonyms at airy.
2. Covered with a film or sheen: filmy eyes.

film′i·ly adv.
film′i·ness n.
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Fog, twilight, smoke, haze, mists, vapors, gases, clouds, dust, steam, and miasma: all these forms of filminess impair vision, blurring it and making it a flimsy mode of perception.
There is a certain viscosity or filminess to the paint that reminds me both of the fluid used to keep a biological sample fresh as it is pressed between pieces of glass, and of the weary, glassy tears of watching, and blinking, in the darkness of the lab, with soft light projected through cold glass onto the surface of the eye.