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n. pl. film·og·ra·phies
A comprehensive list of movies in a particular category, as of those by a given director or in a specific genre.

film·og′ra·pher n.


1. (Film) a list of the films made by a particular director, actor, etc
2. (Film) any writing that deals with films or the cinema


(fɪlˈmɒg rə fi)

n., pl. -phies.
a listing of motion pictures by actor, director, or the like, usu. including facts about the production of each film.
[1960–65; film + (bibli) ography]


[fɪlˈmɒgrəfɪ] Nfilmografía f
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As a photographer and filmographer, she has participated in more than 20 exploratory expeditions in the world's most remote and wild places: produced documentaries on topics in environmental science: hosted weekly television show on wildlife: and planned and managed multimillion dollar projects.
Hunter, an actress and film producer who was hired by Edwards's campaign team as a filmographer, goes on to describe Elizabeth, who died in December 2010, as "crazy" and given to fits of "rage".
The 12-minute film is a humorous account of an attempted bank robbery seen from the perspective of two confused witnesses, the filmographer and the producer.
Other new and skilled editorial staffers are Associate Editor, Ken Dvorak (San Jacinto College), who many of you probably know as the able organizer of the annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association conference and Keith Wheelock (Raritan Valley Community College), our Associate Editor who is a filmographer extraordinaire.
Paul Smaczny, vice-president for Music & Documentaries at EuroArts Music International since the late 1980s, continues to refine his skills as a filmographer of musical subjects in the present biographical work focusing on Claudio Abbado.
The full concert DVD on Columbia Records goes on sale today and was directed by veteran concert filmographer Jim Gable who has worked with other such music icons as Sting, the Rolling Stones and Cyndi Lauper.
The gender-bending Warhol superstar is remembered by a friend and filmographer.
A History of Shakespeare on Screen: A Century of Film and Television draws on Rothwell's long and distinguished career as editor, filmographer, and critic, and goes beyond what he has done in the past by bringing into active play his prodigiously extensive knowledge of film reviews and of the now immense secondary literature on Shakespeare film.
Carly Simon's six-day transatlantic voyage -- including her concert performances in the ship's Queens Room, the largest ballroom at sea, and candid behind-the-scenes moments onboard QM2 -- will be documented for the DVD by veteran concert filmographer Jim Gable, whose resume includes "Cyndi Lauper: Live .