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n. pl. film·og·ra·phies
A comprehensive list of movies in a particular category, as of those by a given director or in a specific genre.

film·og′ra·pher n.
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1. (Film) a list of the films made by a particular director, actor, etc
2. (Film) any writing that deals with films or the cinema
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(fɪlˈmɒg rə fi)

n., pl. -phies.
a listing of motion pictures by actor, director, or the like, usu. including facts about the production of each film.
[1960–65; film + (bibli) ography]
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[fɪlˈmɒgrəfɪ] Nfilmografía f
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Much like bibliographies of print materials, filmographies were first developed before the emergence of online catalogs and served a crucial role in both the discovery of new directors and the "aboutness" of film content.
Each entry contains plot synopses, detailed filmographies and an explanation of the popularity and impact within the context of cinema history.
Profusely illustrated with 137 photos, and enhanced with filmographies, a bibliography, and an index, "Western Film Series Of The Sound Era" is a welcome and highly prized addition to personal, academic, and community library film history reference collections and western film buff supplemental reading lists.
Enhanced with a biography of composer Ron Grainer, cast member filmographies, and a scene index, Flickers is a welcome, entertaining, and certain to be popular addition to any personal or community library DVD collection.
DVD Extras: You Were Never Lovelier: none stated; Cover Girl: none stated; Gilda: excerpt from Lady With The Torch, cast and crew filmographies, theatrical trailer; Pal Joey: Director and cast filmographies, photo gallery, theatrical trailer.
Filmographies of Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Pollak, Aaron Sorkin
There are indexes of TLA favorites, countries of origin, directors' filmographies, authors and screenwriters, and most interestingly, themes, along with appendices of TLA bests (in various categories for 1990-1999) and major awards (1975-2000).
A repository for a number of experimental films and video material, the Flicker Site allows previews and clips to be downloaded, and also includes filmographies, directors' statements, and links.
Further, it is impossible from a perspective in critical pedagogy to conceive of a genuinely "black education" that does not articulate specific, carefully detailed syllabi, classroom exercises, filmographies, behavioral objectives, parent-teacher organizing strategies, and ideological mappings of school-board/black-student-body relationships.
Each alphabetized entry features career highlights, complete filmographies and a specific discussing of the contributions made by individuals such as Robert William Paul, Tom Savini and Ray Harryhausen.
Originally aired in the United Kingdom, Wide Sargasso Sea is now available to American audiences on DVD with special features including a biography of Jean Rhys and cast filmographies. An absolute "must-see" for anyone who has enjoyed Charlotte Bronte's great works of literature.
in film studies, gathered and organized information about many films that are not listed in other filmographies. Each entry lists the film's title (with an English translation where appropriate), director, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, and actors, as well as a brief synopsis of the film and a list of the awards it has won.