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n. pl. film·og·ra·phies
A comprehensive list of movies in a particular category, as of those by a given director or in a specific genre.

film·og′ra·pher n.


1. (Film) a list of the films made by a particular director, actor, etc
2. (Film) any writing that deals with films or the cinema


(fɪlˈmɒg rə fi)

n., pl. -phies.
a listing of motion pictures by actor, director, or the like, usu. including facts about the production of each film.
[1960–65; film + (bibli) ography]


[fɪlˈmɒgrəfɪ] Nfilmografía f
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The essays and filmographies of Mickey and Donald and lesser critters like Clara Cluck and Bobo the elephant in the shorts section make for good browsing, as do surveys of such odd TV shows as ``The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show'' (a 1995 syndicated series about a cat and a dog, a possum super hero and a wild west sheriff).
A repository for a number of experimental films and video material, the Flicker Site allows previews and clips to be downloaded, and also includes filmographies, directors' statements, and links.
Further, it is impossible from a perspective in critical pedagogy to conceive of a genuinely "black education" that does not articulate specific, carefully detailed syllabi, classroom exercises, filmographies, behavioral objectives, parent-teacher organizing strategies, and ideological mappings of school-board/black-student-body relationships.
It has been both exciting and challenging bringing together this new library of classic film scripts, complemented with the salient ancillary materials such as movie stills, logos, credits and filmographies, to create such marvelous examples of movie lore.
The site provides a better way to find high-quality and relevant online entertainment content such as articles, biographies, filmographies, interviews, lyrics, news, pictures, quotes, sounds, tickets, tour dates, videos, wallpapers and more.
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The reference section includes filmographies as well as radio appearance logs, discographies, and lists of comics, television appearances, and song compositions.
A lot of the information here is in the form of lists, credits and filmographies, but there are 1.