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Holston, an author, and the late Winchester, offer a filmography of 334 science fiction, fantasy, and horror film sequels, series, and remakes from 1996 to 2016, including pre-1996 films that have been remade.
Massoud filmography contains 8 movies which are: What Happens Next, Americanistan, Let's Rap, Ordinary Days, Masters in Crime, Final Exam, and both Aladdin and Strange But True are to be executed.
The following documents should accompany the DVD of the film to be submitted: logline, summary of the film, lead actor and actress' filmography, director's filmography and background of production.
James Franco will debut the latest entry in his rapidly expanding and diverse filmography on October 21, with the release of King Cobra, a film about gay porn star Brent Corrigan, and the murder of director Bryan Kocis (Christian Slater).
Movie Roadshows: A History and Filmography of Reserved-Seat Limited Showings, 1911-1973
The scholarly filmography has long functioned as an important tool for researchers and instructors, and has ranged widely in scope and function.
Now in an updated second edition, The Batman Filmography chronicles Batman on the silver screen from the 1940s serials to the 2012 movie "The Dark Knight Rises" (Batman television shows are not covered).
The book includes a bibliography and a filmography.
Although Shruti's filmography has nothing much to show, she has managed to make Mumbai her second home.
Crowe had turned down the star several times before, but now believes at 46 and with two Oscar nominations and one win behind him, he now has a big enough filmography to justify the honour.
It reveals, for the first time, the identity of her real father and half-brother she never knew, her relationship with the Kennedys, and more offering newly discovered photos of Marilyn that have never been published, the most complete filmography in print, and detailed research.
Nicely organized into three major sections (History of Film Editing; Editing for the Genre); and Principles of Editing), The Technique Of Film And Video Editing is enhanced with the inclusion of "Cutting Room Procedures", a filmography, a glossary, a selected bibliography for further study, and a comprehensive index.