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A length of film containing a series of photographs, diagrams, or other graphic matter prepared for still projection.


(Photography) a strip of film composed of different images projected separately as slides



a length of film containing a series of related transparencies for projection on a screen.


[ˈfɪlmˌstrɪp] nfilmina
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She is in the glow of electronic card catalog that has found exactly all the books you want; she is in the voice imprinted on a CD-ROM, serenely narrating the life cycle of moths; she is in the hum of a printer giving you list of more books, magazines, videotapes, talking books, records, CDs, filmstrips, mad software you might enjoy.
The 2001 NASCO Agricultural Sciences catalog has been updated with videotapes, filmstrips slide sets, software programs and other items for the classroom.
In addition, the students could access materials found on CD-ROMs, laser discs, the World Wide Web, videotapes, as well as more conventional materials such as filmstrips (which often included narrated cassette tapes) as well as textbooks, trade books, and magazines.
Using filmholders may slightly lifts your originals, especially slide mounts are of different thickness and also filmstrips inserted into film scanners are not always perfectly flat.
Again, the author (and the team behind her) has constructed a wonderful blend of the visual (photographs, comic strips, journal images, timelines, inserts, filmstrips and portraits) with the textual (trophy boards, passport pages, quotes and journal entries).
Master Tech itself has evolved as much as automotive technology and Shugg will offer an entertaining look back at program instruction via filmstrips, along with early training films and TV ads.
This new “edit bay” allows editors to cut video by using finger touch commands on tactile filmstrips, bringing the spirit of classical filmmaking together with cutting-edge digital editing capabilities.
The evening included the show of the documentary film "Bridge 53", "Following in the footsteps of Ella Maillart in Central Asia", filmstrips about the Kyrgyz-Swiss company for the production of Swiss cheese in Kyrgyzstan, as well as exhibition and sale of handicrafts, exhibition of photographs and drawings of Kyrgyzstan.
Filmstrips, slides, film loops, and other obsolete materials have been omitted.
In MGM, 1975, Jack Goldstein detourned the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer insignia by placing its regal lion on a red ground, the gold filmstrips ironically crowning the beast whose roar played on loop.
Semiconcrete materials (illustrations, slides, videotapes, filmstrips, CDs, computer software and personal computers, as well as films should also be located at each station, along with abstract learning materials such as textbook and workbook materials, photocopied problems, reading activities, writing experiences, listening/participating through discussions and cassette recordings, among other tasks.
Groups such as the Institute for Creation Research are extremely active, providing books, filmstrips, and other materials to schools to help raise acceptance of "creation science.