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A length of film containing a series of photographs, diagrams, or other graphic matter prepared for still projection.
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(Photography) a strip of film composed of different images projected separately as slides
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a length of film containing a series of related transparencies for projection on a screen.
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[ˈfɪlmˌstrɪp] nfilmina
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For Edwards, in 1988, the formats for materials were print, kits with cassette tapes, books (which were available for student check out), and filmstrips. Laserdiscs and CD-ROM were the hot new formats.
Unlike the films at the Youth Hidon, the connection between the filmstrips and the Bible contest did not seem connected to the questions the contestants were asked to answer.
Regardless of the controversy the filmstrips caused, the filmstrips continued to be used in the sex education curriculum until 1999 when the sexual education curriculum was changed to a new program called Our Whole Lives.
Remember the clunky foldout cameras and square filmstrips you had to shake up and down to speed the development?
Many states used the same textbooks and filmstrips, and teachers covered similar topics in classrooms across the country.
In turn, SHR was adapted for each new electronic medium, including audiotapes, filmstrips, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, and the internet, and will be adapted again for whatever new technologies come our way.
The piece as a whole suggests a narrative--the forced combination of distinct and quite different images feels something like pieces of unrelated filmstrips taped together that, once run through a projector, would somehow make logical sense as a short story in which the figure sails across a bright seascape.
This new “edit bay” allows editors to cut video by using finger touch commands on tactile filmstrips, bringing the spirit of classical filmmaking together with cutting-edge digital editing capabilities.
We prescribe only the filmstrips, and not for more than one week at a time.
The evening included the show of the documentary film "Bridge 53", "Following in the footsteps of Ella Maillart in Central Asia", filmstrips about the Kyrgyz-Swiss company for the production of Swiss cheese in Kyrgyzstan, as well as exhibition and sale of handicrafts, exhibition of photographs and drawings of Kyrgyzstan.
Again, the author (and the team behind her) has constructed a wonderful blend of the visual (photographs, comic strips, journal images, timelines, inserts, filmstrips and portraits) with the textual (trophy boards, passport pages, quotes and journal entries).
Projected pictures come in the form of slides, OHP, filmstrips, microfiche, etc.