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1. Threadlike.
2. Having or ending in a threadlike part or process.

[Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots + -ose.]


(ˈfaɪləʊs; -ləʊz)
(Biology) biology resembling or possessing a thread or threadlike process: filose pseudopodia.
[C19: from Latin fīlum thread]


(ˈfaɪ loʊs)

1. threadlike.
2. ending in a threadlike process.
[1815–25; < Latin fīl(um) a thread + -ose1]
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Post-1857, new palaces in neoclassical style became not only the symbols of a new order, but also the places where its representatives were received, as for example the huge Italianate palace and gardens designed by Sir Michael Filose in Gwalior, which still incorporated a Zenana or womens' quarters.
"Ocean Garden's traceability program has raised the bar for the entire shrimp industry in terms of product transparency," said John Filose, vice president of sales and marketing.
Like all filose amoeba, this genus lacks the axonemes and extrusomes observed in the centrohelid heliozoa.
No treatment options for filose with mild to moderate elevations in blood lead levels have been shown to improve clinically important outcomes, although some interventions may decrease blood lead levels.
Like all filose amoebas, this genus lacks axonemes and extrusomes observed in the centrohelid heliozoa.
Other clones (RT5iin2l and RT5iin44) branched with the recently sequenced filose amoeba Filamoeba nolandi, whose own taxonomic placement is equivocal.
Class 2 Filosea (Naked and Testate Amebas with Filose Pseudopodia)
market, according to John Filose, vice president of sales and marketing for Ocean Garden Products, the country's largest importer.
Two other phyla with many amoebae (Amoebozoa, typically with lobose pseudopods; and Cercozoa (1, 5) with usually filose or reticulose pseudopods) also include some zooflagellates.
"These companies understand the risks and rewards of agribusiness, and they know the shrimp industry from the inside out," said John Filose, veteran vice president of sales and marketing.