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 (fē′lō-vī′rəs, fĭl′ō-)
Any of a family of filamentous single-stranded RNA viruses, including the Ebola and Marburg viruses, that cause hemorrhagic fevers in humans and other primates and spread by contact with infected body fluids.

[Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots + virus.]
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(Medicine) any member of a family of viruses that includes the agents responsible for Ebola virus disease and Marburg disease
[C20: from Latin filum thread + virus]
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Noun1.filovirus - animal viruses belonging to the family Filoviridae
Ebola virus - a filovirus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever; carried by animals; can be used as a bioweapon
Marburg virus - a filovirus that causes Marburg disease; carried by animals; can be used as a bioweapon
animal virus - an animal pathogen that is a virus
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Isolation of infected people is currently the centerpiece of filovirus control.
Jaax led the discovery and eventual containment of the filovirus, which at the time had a fatality rate of up to 90 per cent.
We conducted a widespread serologic survey for EBOV-specific antibodies in 5 countries in central Africa, including known filovirus-endemic regions (the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC], the Republic of the Congo, and Uganda), as well as areas without previously reported filovirus infections (Ghana and Cameroon).
Ebola is an infectious and frequently fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus.
Marburg virus is in the same filovirus family as Ebola.
Howell et al., "Macaque monoclonal antibodies targeting novel conserved epitopes within filovirus glycoprotein," Journal of Virology, vol.
Ebola virus (EBOV) is a filovirus that belongs to the Filoviridae family and it causes a severe hemorrhagic disease in human and nonhuman primates.
Under the second USD2.9m four year NIH grant, Dr Lai will develop a broadly neutralizing antibody therapy for Ebola and extend that strategy to Marburg virus, a deadly filovirus that is distantly related to Ebola.
Against this background seven diseases prioritized for urgent action are Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, Filovirus diseases (Ebola virus disease and Marburg), highly pathogenic emerging Coronaviruses relevant to humans (MERS Co-V and SARS), Lassa fever, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever, and a "new disease."The seventh disease, denoted as "a new disease" thus refers to any hitherto unknown disease that may emerge and require urgent action to contain or prevent epidemics.
Tambien trasmitidos por mosquitos son los Alfavirus chikungunya y EEV El virus del Ebola pertenece a la familia de los Filovirus y se transmite entre humanos por contacto con sangre y otras secreciones contaminadas.