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A filter light is to be installed at the traffic lights on Greenock Road at the junction with Ferry Road, for traffic turning right onto Ferry Road.
Elizabeth Carr suggested: "It definitely needs a filter light when coming from Coatbridge and turning right at The Grange [hotel].
I would like to see something like a filter light, such a simple thing would sort this problem out."
"Wood or faux wood Venetian blinds are perfect for home office windows as they filter light, which will minimise glare on a computer screen and the slats can be adjusted to control light levels when the sun moves round during the day.
Moholy-Nagy's light and space modulators of 1939-46 were hanging sculptures made of intersecting and perforated Plexiglas and metal manipulated to filter light. He frequently photographed them in motion, but even when still the contraptions cast an array of shadows and distortions on the wall behind.
If you are covering the window, there is a huge choice: Blinds of all types, be they vertical, roller, Roman, or Venetian - it seems the Italians have cornered the blind market; shutters of the French or New England style; voiles to filter light but not exclude it; adhesive film to provide a frosted effect, and then every type of curtain you can think of.
"This central court is key to the outreach of the building and its offering of spatial energy within." Meanwhile, studio spaces face the inside of the south and west facades, which filter light in through a perforated stainless steel layer floating eight inches over inner windows.
These shade nets can diffuse light, potentially filter different parts of the light spectrum or filter light by wavelength, based on the color and density of each net.
In display applications, quantum dots are used only to filter light from LEDs to backlight LCDs (liquid crystal displays).
Uncoated linings filter light, are machine washable, water repellent, wrinkle resistant and available in white or ivory.