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 (fĭl′tər-ə-bəl, fĭl′trə-) also fil·tra·ble (-trə-bəl)
1. Capable of being filtered or separated by filtering: filterable solutions of granular matter.
2. Capable of being passed through a given pore size.

fil′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈfɪltərəbəl) or


1. (Chemistry) capable of being filtered
2. (Microbiology) (of most viruses and certain bacteria) capable of passing through the pores of a fine filter
ˌfilteraˈbility, ˈfilterableness n


(ˈfɪl tər ə bəl)

also filtrable

1. capable of being filtered.
2. capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters.
fil`ter•a•bil′i•ty, fil′ter•a•ble•ness, n.
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View Courses: with one click access, students can view their current courses, either in a filterable List View or with Course Cards that provide additional details like meeting times, credits, location (with embedded mapping) and a more at-a-glance format.
In 1947, in a small forest in Uganda, near the capital, Kampala, a filterable transmissible agent was found in a sentinel rhesus macaque with a high fever.
See all the men and women on Texas' death row in our filterable database.
A small virus (then termed a filterable agent) was recovered from brain tissue of the inoculated mice.
So we created a histogram showing those score distributions across all the grades that were tested, filterable by school year, subject, semester and demographic group.
In addition, there is a chemical treatment step between the last two stages to convert dissolved phosphorus into a filterable particle.
More than half of all college-bound high school students use Niche to research colleges, so our rankings are intended to be useful to a wide range of students and filterable by type and location," the company writes on its frequently asked questions page.
Iron in pyrite is unaffected, whereas iron in chalcopyrite is precipitated as a readily filterable iron hydroxide.
An unidentified, filterable agent isolated from the feces of children with paralysis.
Because calcium bound to the plasma proteins cannot be filtered by CVVH, about 60% of the systemic total calcium is filterable in CVVH [sup][17] and the sieving coefficient of calcium unbound to the plasma proteins is close to 1.
It is recognisable, shareable, and filterable, and can therefore be more effectively used for coordination.