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 (fĭl′tər-ə-bəl, fĭl′trə-) also fil·tra·ble (-trə-bəl)
1. Capable of being filtered or separated by filtering: filterable solutions of granular matter.
2. Capable of being passed through a given pore size.

fil′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.
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(ˈfɪltərəbəl) or


1. (Chemistry) capable of being filtered
2. (Microbiology) (of most viruses and certain bacteria) capable of passing through the pores of a fine filter
ˌfilteraˈbility, ˈfilterableness n
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(ˈfɪl tər ə bəl)

also filtrable

1. capable of being filtered.
2. capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters.
fil`ter•a•bil′i•ty, fil′ter•a•ble•ness, n.
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Total dissolved solids were determined by evaporating filterable water samples; the obtained residue was further dried at 105 AdegC.
The membrane filtration sterility test is the regulatory method of choice for filterable pharmaceutical products.
Subsequently, the causative agent was discovered as a filterable agent (virus) that used pappataci sand flies as a vector (18).
The GFOA website currently displays more than 4,500 CAFRs, 1,500 budgets, and 400 popular annual financial reports in a searchable, filterable format that allows governments to quickly identify peer organizations.
When compared to burning only coal, co-firing with the oat hulls reduced filterable particulate matter by 90%; hazardous air pollutants dropped by 41%; and heavy metals, including manganese, copper, nickel, and zinc, fell by 51%.
By-products of ozone in the presence of impurities (e.g., biofilm) are safe and include carbon dioxide, carboxylic acids, filterable solids, and neutralized organics (such as inactivated endotoxin).
In this sense, considering the advantages that our 1D Ti[O.sub.2] nanostructures are more easily filterable than nanoparticles and can be easily removed from solutions--in addition to the fact that the efficiency of 1D Ti[O.sub.2] as bactericide under UV-A irradiation was only briefly explored--in this work, we assess the photocatalytic activity of 1D Ti[O.sub.2], obtained from nanoparticles with a controlled proportion of anatase and rutile made by the sol-gel method, for E.
coli (530 cfu/100 mL), filterable residue--total suspended solids (18 mg/L), and ammonia (4.5 mg/L).
See all the men and women on Texas' death row in our filterable database.
So we created a histogram showing those score distributions across all the grades that were tested, filterable by school year, subject, semester and demographic group.
A small virus (then termed a filterable agent) was recovered from brain tissue of the inoculated mice.
(i) Total serum magnesium concentration Filterable = 33% bound to proteins 25% bound to albumin and 8% to globulin Unfilterable = 66% of which 92% is free and 8% is complexed to phosphate, citrate, or other compounds [14] (ii) Serum ionized Mg concentrate (iii) Total and free red blood cell Mg concentration (iv) Tissue Mg from muscle and bone (v) NMR for free Mg in tissues (research test) (vi) Magnesium retention test (research test) Table 3: Recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for magnesium in mg [15].