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a. A porous material through which a liquid or gas is passed in order to separate the fluid from suspended particulate matter.
b. A device containing such a material, especially one used to extract impurities from air or water.
a. Any of various electric, electronic, acoustic, or optical devices used to reject signals, vibrations, or radiations of certain frequencies while allowing others to pass.
b. A colored glass or other transparent material used to select the wavelengths of light allowed to reach a photosensitive material.
3. Computers A program or device that blocks email or restricts website access when specific criteria are met.
4. Informal The ability or tendency to censor oneself, as to avoid causing embarrassment or offense: My roommate has no filter and says whatever he's thinking at the moment.
v. fil·tered, fil·ter·ing, fil·ters
1. To pass (a liquid or gas) through a filter.
2. To remove by passing through a filter: filter out impurities.
3. Computers To use a filter to block or restrict access to: a program that filters spam.
4. Informal To censor (oneself), as to avoid causing embarrassment or offense.
1. To pass through or as if through a filter: Light filtered through the blinds.
2. To come or go gradually and in small groups: The audience filtered back into the hall.

[Middle English filtre, from Old French, from Medieval Latin filtrum, of Germanic origin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

fil′ter·er n.
fil′ter·less adj.
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a thing which filters or acts as a filter
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This is the price Bolton pays to remain the president's national security adviser - filterer of Trump's intelligence reports, first one in and last one out of the room whenever the president is discussing matters of war and peace.
Thus, in Brave Orchid's warning, "[y]ou must not tell" (Woman 3), there is a stark emphasis on herself as the filterer and executioner of the patriarchal order.
Anantharaman, "Effect of seaweed liquid filterer of Spatoglossum asperum on the growth and pigment content of Vigna radiata," International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, vol.
The authors reportedly brand China "the world's most active and enthusiastic filterer of information" and "the most sophisticated and prolific" hacker of foreign companies.
The giant barnacle, on the other hand, is a sessile, omnivorous filterer in its adult phase, experiencing rapid growth (Lopez et al.
In other words there has to be a filterer, an organizer and a GOAL for this to happen.
Since then, Kerkmans has made beer his profession, first working his way up to head brewer at Kelly's Brewpub in Albuquerque, N.M., then becoming a brewer and filterer at Alaskan Brewing Co.
But there's no money exchanged, and the "filterer" does not occupy the same plane as the "visionary creator," without whom there would be nothing to filter.
Anderson Power Products[R] (APP) and Schaffner EMC have partnered to produce the patents pending ACARA filterer electrical power connectors.