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n. pl. fim·bri·ae (-brē-ē′)
1. A fringelike part or structure, as at the opening of the fallopian tubes.
2. A bacterial pilus.

[Late Latin fimbria, fringe, back-formation from Latin fimbriae, threads, fringe.]

fim′bri·al adj.


n, pl -briae (-brɪˌiː)
(Anatomy) anatomy a fringe or fringelike margin or border, esp at the opening of the Fallopian tubes
[C18: from Late Latin, from Latin fimbriae threads, shreds]
ˈfimbrial adj


(ˈfɪm bri ə)

n., pl. -bri•ae (-briˌi)
Biol. a fringe or fringed border, as around a petal, orifice, or duct.
[1745–55; < New Latin; Latin fimbriae (pl.) border, fringe]
fim′bri•al, adj.
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Noun1.fimbria - thin projections forming a fringe (especially around the ovarian end of the Fallopian tube)
appendage, outgrowth, process - a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant; "a bony process"
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The United States exclusively uses aP vaccines composed of inactivated Bordetella pertussis immunogenic proteins pertussis toxin (Pt), pertactin (Pm), and filamentous hemagglutinin (Fha), either with or without fimbria (Fim) types 2 and 3.
"One common theory (for this) is that the inflammation and irritation caused by endometriosis can affect the women's 'fimbria', which picks up the egg and transports it into the Fallopian tube," he explains.
in the same manner (33) showed there is no relation between the incident or symptoms severity and the site of infection and expression of fimbria in E.
Histopathologic analysis showed no chorionic villi within evacuated coagula, but there was a cyst of 7 mm in diameter, with thin fibrous wall lined with tubal epithelium; a sample of tissue of 1 cm in diameter histologically corresponded to tubal fimbria.
(1994) showed that lesions in fornix, fimbria, as well as on medial septal nuclei, might affect theta rhythm in the hippocampus and also memory impairment.
Tulips by this time will appear before the guests in all their spring splendor: Simple Early and Double Early, Triumph Tulips, Darwin Hybrids, Simple and Terry Late, Lilium, Greenflower, Parrot, Fimbria, Tulips Foster and Greig - all classes of modern garden tulips.
Number of isolates (%) Pathovars (virulence Non-diarrheic Diarrheic Total factors) HYBRID (eae, sta) 0 (0) 1 (2.7) 1 (2.7) NTEC (cnf1) 3 (8.1) 3 (8.1) 6 (16.2) HYBRID (eaeandcnf1) 1 (2.7) 0 (0) 1 (2.7) Atypical EPEC (eae) 9 (24.3) 13 (35.1) 22 (59.4) Typical EPEC (eae, bfp) 1 (2.7) 0 (0) 1 (2.7) 987P fimbria 1 (2.7) 1 (2.7) 2 (5.4) F18 fimbria 0 (0) 2 (5.4) 2 (5.4) STEC (Stx2e) 0 (0) 1 (2.7) 1 (2.7) STEC (Stx2) 1 (2.7) 0 (0) 1 (2.7) Table 2--Distribution of phylogenetic groups and virulence factor genes of Escherichia coli obtained from the feces of dogs (n = 37).
Intraoperative findings were notable for a darkened area on the right fallopian tube fimbria which was concerning for malignancy.
The tubal fimbria is a preferred site for early adenocarcinoma in women with familial ovarian cancer syndrome.
The EFI was developed initially to predict the non-IVF PR and the adoption of IVF largely circumvents the tube and fimbria, which are components of the least function score.
If the methylene blue dye could pass through the distal end of fimbria at least one side, it represented tubal patency (Positive test].