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 (fĭm′brē-ĭt, -āt′) also fim·bri·at·ed (-ā′tĭd)
Having fimbriae; fringed, as the edge of a petal or the opening of a duct.

[Latin fimbriātus, from fimbriae, fringe.]

fim′bri·a′tion n.
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n. franjeado-a.
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Adherence included collection of washings, complete resection of the fallopian tube, and performing the Sectioning and Extensively Examining the Fimbriated End (SEE-FIM) pathologic protocol.
The normal saline is introduced through into the endometrial cavity and is followed for spillage around the ovary since the fimbriated end of tube is near the ovary.
The systematic sectioning of the fimbriated end of the fallopian tube (SEE-FIM) has become a routine part of practice only in the last decade, which has allowed for the detection of these occult lesions that previously would have gone undetected.
Dictyopeltis is characterized by black, dark gray or brown thyriothecia, with reticulated peridium or wall that can be fimbriated. When mature, the ascomata open irregularly to expose the bitunicate, globose to subglobose asci, elliptic to claviform, sessile.
It should be noted that the majority of fallopian tube cancers arise in the fimbriated end of the tube, and cornual tubal malignancies are fairly uncommon.
Also, Pamalakaya Information officer Jam Pinpin also said that the decline in production of fimbriated sardines from 83,842.34 metric tons (MT) in 2015 to 79,237.05 MT in 2017 as reported by the PSA is proof of declining fish stock.
Targeting of DC-SIGN on human dendritic cells by minor fimbriated Porphyromonas gingivalis strains elicits a distinct effector T cell response.
Huang et al., "Regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression in human bladder epithelial cells infected with type I fimbriated uropathogenic E.
Hermansson, "Inactivation of ompX Causes Increased Interactions of Type 1 Fimbriated Escherichia coli with Abiotic Surfaces," Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
During the procedure, the surgeon discovered a white nodule on the fimbriated end of the right fallopian tube and sent the right salpingo-oophorectomy specimen for intraoperative consultation.
Effect of secretor status on vaginal and rectal colonization with fimbriated Escherichia coli in women with and without recurrent urinary tract infection.
I started with a standard salpingectomy from the fimbriated end, as did the technique in the video.