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Of or characteristic of the last part of the 19th century, especially with reference to its artistic climate of effete sophistication.

[French : fin, end + de, of + siècle, century.]


(Fr. fɛ̃ dəˈsyɛ klə)
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the final years of the 19th century, esp. in Europe, and to the rarefied aestheticism and world-weary, somewhat decadent sophistication of its society, art, and literature.
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Six of the 11 essays are in English, and consider such aspects as twice shy: two accounts of timidity in fin-de-siecle France, emancipation as a subversive strategy in Renee Mauperin and an early case of "hysterical anorexia," and genius and degeneracy: Auguste Rodin and the Monument to Balzac.
Effectively a formulaic undercover cop thriller dressed up--and gorgeously so--in fin-de-siecle garb, Elie Wajeman's polished sophomore feature stars Tahar Rahim as a sensitive police brigadier tapped to infiltrate the individualist anarchist community in 1899 Paris.
Davison's treatment of fin de siecle Gothic works intersects with the last essay in the volume, "Fin-de-siecle Gothic," which is written by two scholars who have specialized in the fin de siecle, Victoria Margree and Bryony Randall.
Heroes and Legends of Fin-de-siecle France: Gender, Politics, and National Identity.
The Gillion Crowet Collection is the cherry on the Musee Fin-de-Siecle Museum's upside-down cake.
Her study ranges from representations of Wilde in largely forgotten late-Victorian novels; to Wilde's own use of contemporary debates surrounding Jewishness and hysteria in his dramatic representations of "modern" female sexuality; to Wilde's emphasis on the "modernity" of language in what Salamensky terms his "fin-de-siecle talk" plays; to, finally, representations of Wilde's at turns dangerous or revelatory modernity as exposed in the dialogic moments of Dorian Gray, in transcripts of his courtroom trials, and in a number of recent dramatic and filmic adaptations of his life.
Legitimacy and revolution in a society of masses; Max Weber, Antonio Gramsci, and the fin-de-siecle debate on social order.
"To study the complex trajectory of Holloway's several careers is to glimpse the bite of women of high capacity and aspiration in a fin-de-siecle moment" (p.
Second, she sets out to demonstrate how these novels offer an alternative to the "crise du Moi" in fin-de-siecle French literary culture.
No numero 2 do volume 17 (2009), no artigo "O vertice do triangulo: Dom Casmurro e as relacoes de genero e sexualidade no fin-de-siecle brasileiro", de Richard Miskolci, publicado nas paginas 547 a 567, cometemos dois serios erros que nao puderam ser sanados a tempo.
65: Giuliana Pieri, The Influence of Pre-Raphaelitism on Fin-de-Siecle Italy: Art, Beauty, and Culture.