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v. fi·na·gled, fi·na·gling, fi·na·gles
1. To obtain or achieve by cleverness or deceit, especially in persuading someone: finagle a day off from work; finagled a reservation at the popular restaurant.
2. To cheat; swindle: shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes.
To use clever or deceitful means to obtain or achieve something.

[Probably from dialectal fainaigue, to cheat.]

fi·na′gler n.
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the use of trickery or craftiness to achieve one's aims
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The chain of property titles and owners for some houses can stretch back years -- a lot of room for errors and finagling.
It is just this constant finagling with the rules that drive businessmen up the wall.
But that doesn't stop him from finagling the assignment.
Academy chains are fast becoming a byword for financial finagling, but WCAT is the first to be wound up.
'After finagling his way into the presidency, he's taken his executions nationwide with his antidrug campaign, which has left more than 3,000 suspected drug users and dealers dead since taking over in June,' it added.
Those in the "back" are not quite as accessible but with a bit of finagling you can get them out, no sweat.
Working up and down the California coast posed new challenges for the series' culinary production team, led by Sandee Birdsong, a former "Top Chef" contestant who's been in charge of all behind-the-scenes food finagling since the show's seventh season.
But since many of the clips The Soup uses are owned by other rightsholders, the show has to do some finagling around which videos can live online after the show airs.
Smith said operating on a new frequency comes after more than eight years of finagling, strategizing, fundraising and borrowing.
Most folks you'll find calling for a level playing field are usually just finagling for a favor, seeking an advantage or working hard to promote their own selfish, self-interest.
The country's largest private equity firms are being investigated on suspicion of finagling themselves out of paying taxes by turning fees into fund investments.