final exam

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: exam - an examination administered at the end of an academic term
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"
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Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori to face final exam before launch
ISLAMABAD -- Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Wednesday announced to hold the final exams of its students, residing in gulf states, on July 29.
But the head of Oelmek, Yiannos Socratous, said that regulations for special education in mainstream schools are outdated, arguing that the law currently stipulates that special-education pupils ought to take final exams at the same level and demands as the other pupils.
Worried that your son or daughter sleep more even during final exams week?
Inside me is this duelling contradiction of what I want, both to stay and to go, yet no part of me is focused on what I have to do right here, right now, a final exam, the last subject I will ever have to study for before I receive my bachelor's degree.
For all remaining subjects, exams will resume on June 20 with the final exam taking place on June 27.
Accordingly, students must wait a specified number of days prior to accessing the course final exams. Students are required to complete all quizzes and final exams online.
This year, high schoolers who take AP, IB, PARCC or state tests will not take a final exam. In 2016-17, no student will take a final.
Final exam grades for these students showed no significant difference between traditional and SI groups but the SI group had a significantly lower average SAT score.
press photo The Kurdish Globe Near 150 thousand students participate in 12th year final exams
All three strategies (seminar attendance, quiz-taking, and quiz re-taking) are correlated with higher final exam scores implying that female students win via their higher propensity to take initial quizzes and their higher seminar attendance, but lose due to their lower propensity to re-take quiz questions on the final exam.
H4: There is a positive relationship between attempting 'online formative assessment' and 'scores in each topic in the final exam.'