final payment

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payment - a sum of money paid or a claim discharged
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Also, Generex paid the final payment of $138,000 to a noteholder to satisfy an outstanding note, which together with the payment of $900,000 on Friday August 16, clears over $1M in debt from the books to further strengthen the Generex balance sheet as the Nasdaq up-list application is being processed.
The optional final payment is PS5,217 to keep the car.
READ: Bass Oil completes final payment for 55% interest in Indonesian licence
Final payment along with accrued mark-up of unsecured, subordinated TFC-II issued by NIB and transferred to MCB Bank Limited (MCB) ['AAA' (Triple A)] upon its merger with MCB Bank Limited was made on June 19, 2019 being the call option exercised date.
Although I possess all dues paid computerized accounts statement and receipt of final payment made in December 2018, the second such re-ballot held in April 2019, did not include my name.
The activation of this telephone line aims to save time and effort of beneficiaries in sorting out the final payment procedures.
Payments are from PS155 per month over 48 months and a final payment is required to keep the car.
He has demanded from local bodies minister and H.D.A to allow them concession of extension of 2 years to make final payment within as they are not in a position to make immediate payment of arrears.
The added advantage on this plan is that the final payment (guaranteed to be the minimum worth of the car) is optional; if customers don't wish to pay, they can part exchange or return the car to Al-Futtaim dealer.
"We held back on the final payment pending our satisfaction with the finished product," Davis said.
You are liable and the car remains the property of the loan firm until the final payment is made.

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