final result

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: result - something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio"
conclusion, ending, finish - event whose occurrence ends something; "his death marked the ending of an era"; "when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show"
denouement - the outcome of a complex sequence of events
deal - the type of treatment received (especially as the result of an agreement); "he got a good deal on his car"
decision - the outcome of a game or contest; "the team dropped three decisions in a row"
decision - (boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred; "had little trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his opponent"
aftermath, consequence - the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual
just deserts, poetic justice - an outcome in which virtue triumphs over vice (often ironically)
separation - the termination of employment (by resignation or dismissal)
sequel, subsequence - something that follows something else
worst - the least favorable outcome; "the worst that could happen"
References in classic literature ?
Whether or no the early loves of Adam and Martha had rendered it inexpedient that they should now preside together over a Shaker village, it was certainly most singular that such should be the final result of many warm and tender hopes.
I have seen great surprise expressed in horticultural works at the wonderful skill of gardeners, in having produced such splendid results from such poor materials; but the art, I cannot doubt, has been simple, and, as far as the final result is concerned, has been followed almost unconsciously.
The final result is thus rendered infinitely complex.
These rags in bales, of all hues and qualities, the lowest condition to which cotton and linen descend, the final result of dress -- of patterns which are now no longer cried up, unless it be in Milwaukee, as those splendid articles, English, French, or American prints, ginghams, muslins, etc.
Every obstacle of litigation would be raised--every point in the case would be systematically contested--and by the time we had spent our thousands instead of our hundreds, the final result would, in all probability, be against us.
As the final result of all these varying changes in switchboards and signals and batteries, there grew up the modern Telephone Exchange.
On the morning when the final results of all the examina- tions were to be posted on the bulletin board at Queen's, Anne and Jane walked down the street together.
ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan has so far announced the final result of 17 constituencies including four National Assembly and 13 provincial assemblies.
KIKRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq - The final result of the booby-trapped car blast close to northern Iraq's Kirkuk hospital on Wednesday has reached 39 injuries, the hospital's Security office said.
To expose this process to public scrutiny would, in my view, very clearly introduce an atmosphere that would be detrimental to the final result.
It is unclear as to when the IEC will announce the final result from the provincial council polls.
The main purpose of placed the result that any discrepancy on the part of student/tutor or Examinations Department should be rectified before the announcement of final result, this was announced by Controller of Exams, Hafeez Ullah.