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Noun1.finalisation - the act of finalizing
mop up, windup, completion, culmination, closing - a concluding action
إنهاء، إجراء الترتيبات النِّهائِيَّه


(ˈfainl) adjective
1. the very last. the final chapter of the book.
2. (of a decision etc) definite; decided and not to be changed. The judge's decision is final.
the last part of a competition. The first parts of the competition will take place throughout the country, but the final will be in London.
ˈfinally adverb
1. as the last (of many). The soldiers rode past, then came the Royal visitors, and finally the Queen.
2. at last, after a long time. The train finally arrived.
ˈfinalist noun
a person who reaches the final stage in a competition. It was difficult to decide which of the two finalists was the better tennis player.
fiˈnality (-ˈnӕ-) noun
ˈfinalize, ˈfinalise verb
to make a final decision about plans, arrangements etc. We must finalize the arrangements by Friday.
ˌfinaliˈzation, ˌfinaliˈsation noun
ˈfinals noun plural
the last examinations for a university degree etc. I am sitting/taking my finals in June.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-October 13, 2017-DDM Debt completes finalisation of acquisition of receivable in Croatia
Le depot des programmes d'importation des produits pharmaceutiques doit se faire avant le 14 octobre prochain afin de permettre leur finalisation pour le compte de l'exercice 2018, indique jeudi le ministere de la Sante, de la Population et de la Reforme hospitaliere dans un communique.
Auto Business News-September 11, 2017--China discusses finalisation of date for ban of sale of cars powered by internal combustion engines
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is undertaking a survey on the centralised evaluation procedure, from pre-submission to opinion finalisation.
The Ambassador of Tajikistan, Sherali Saidamir Jononove, has said that Pakistan-Tajikistan bilateral trade and economic relations would be further strengthened following the finalisation of a trilateral transit trade agreement between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan (PAT).
Similarly, the Midstream Gas Convention setting out the regulatory and fiscal regime governing the FLNG operations in Cameroon is being progressed in parallel with the Tolling Agreement and is also now subject to finalisation with the government.
According to an official statement, Singh expressed concern at the large number of vacancies, the delay in the empanelment of IPS officers at senior levels as well as in the finalisation of the recruitment rules and notifications pending for different levels of officers in the police.
The Basel Committee is working on speeding up the finalisation of the capital rules for global banks, in response to criticism over the lack of clarity on future regulations causing uncertainty in the industry.
La date d'examen du projet de Constitution, toujours au coeur d'une bataille politico-juridique, reste incertaine trois semaines apres la finalisation du texte, a indique hier mercredi a l'AFP Karima Souid, assesseur du President de l'Assemblee nationale constituante (ANC).