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Noun1.finalisation - the act of finalizing
mop up, windup, completion, culmination, closing - a concluding action
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إنهاء، إجراء الترتيبات النِّهائِيَّه


(ˈfainl) adjective
1. the very last. the final chapter of the book.
2. (of a decision etc) definite; decided and not to be changed. The judge's decision is final.
the last part of a competition. The first parts of the competition will take place throughout the country, but the final will be in London.
ˈfinally adverb
1. as the last (of many). The soldiers rode past, then came the Royal visitors, and finally the Queen.
2. at last, after a long time. The train finally arrived.
ˈfinalist noun
a person who reaches the final stage in a competition. It was difficult to decide which of the two finalists was the better tennis player.
fiˈnality (-ˈnӕ-) noun
ˈfinalize, ˈfinalise verb
to make a final decision about plans, arrangements etc. We must finalize the arrangements by Friday.
ˌfinaliˈzation, ˌfinaliˈsation noun
ˈfinals noun plural
the last examinations for a university degree etc. I am sitting/taking my finals in June.
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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has announced that it has placed Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane on precautionary suspension pending the finalisation of a disciplinary process in respect of serious allegations of misconduct.Makhekhe-Mokhuane's precautionary suspension takes effect immediately, the revenue service said in a statement on Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Experts have urged the government to build the country's export capacity in order to cater to the demand from Chinese markets at competitive prices, amid finalisation of second phase of the free trade deal between Pakistan and China.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra)[India], July 23 (ANI): Congress will begin the finalisation of its Maharashtra Assembly election candidates before July end, media cell of Congress said here on Tuesday.
According to Pich Sros, Cambodian Youth Party president and a member of the Supreme Consultation Forum, the National Assembly is now pushing for the law's finalisation.
The prime minister was further informed that thefinancing model for the purchase of houses and the work on tax rebate in this respect was in the finalisation stage, and announcement to this effect would be made soon.
According to the same source, the minister has also directed the PBS to speed up the finalisation of rules.
She thanked Dr Mario for his technical support to the PPHA team towards finalisation of the health workforce strategy documents for Punjab.
M2 PHARMA-September 24, 2018-Almirall announces finalisation of acquisition of products from Allergan's US Medical Dermatology unit
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 24, 2018-Almirall announces finalisation of acquisition of products from Allergan's US Medical Dermatology unit
The meeting recalled that it was not Pakistan, but India that has delayed the finalisation of the case.
Le depot des programmes d'importation des produits pharmaceutiques doit se faire avant le 14 octobre prochain afin de permettre leur finalisation pour le compte de l'exercice 2018, indique jeudi le ministere de la Sante, de la Population et de la Reforme hospitaliere dans un communique.