finance committee

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: committee - a committee appointed to consider financial issues
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
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Finance committee members said they are confident that donors will come forward to provide funding especially earmarked for the new process, which is expected to cost about $105,000.
As approved by the Finance Committee, the Roth plan would cost $11.
said the Finance Committee would consider a provision on the issue of burden of proof early this year for its own IRS restructuring legislation.
As far as I know, that remains government policy," said Zafiriou, who is on loan to the finance committee from his position as research analyst with the library of Parliament.
PAC contributions to House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committee members in 1985, the year the tax reform legislation was being considered, were $6.
along with our stalwart supporters on the Finance Committee, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Oh.
Bricault, a member of the Finance Committee who was added to the building committee as a liaison, said the Finance Committee's first vote on the proposal to purchase the Three Rivers Building on Worcester Street was split, and that not all members were present for the vote.
In his new seat on the Finance Committee, Schumer wants to form an offensive stance to solve affordable housing funding.
Clark and John Buckley of the staff of the House Ways and Means Committee and Mark Prater and Russ Sullivan of the Senate Finance Committee staff will discuss legislation ranging from the President's proposed dividend exclusion to the prospects for international tax changes.

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