financial aid

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: aid - money to support a worthy person or causefinancial aid - money to support a worthy person or cause
public assistance, social welfare, welfare - governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need; "she lives on welfare"
philanthropic gift, philanthropy - voluntary promotion of human welfare
gift - something acquired without compensation
scholarship - financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit
fellowship - money granted (by a university or foundation or other agency) for advanced study or research
foreign aid - aid (such as economic or military assistance) provided to one nation by another
grant - any monetary aid
grant-in-aid - a grant to a person or school for some educational project
traineeship - financial aid that enables you to get trained for a specified job; "the bill provided traineeships in vocational rehabilitation"
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At the outset of the undertaking Johnson exerted himself to secure the patronage and financial aid of Lord Chesterfield, an elegant leader of fashion and of fashionable literature.
There were a dozen requests for autographs - he knew them at sight; there were professional begging letters; and there were letters from cranks, ranging from the man with a working model of perpetual motion, and the man who demonstrated that the surface of the earth was the inside of a hollow sphere, to the man seeking financial aid to purchase the Peninsula of Lower California for the purpose of communist colonization.
A four-year degree may not be the path for everyone, but financial aid can be used for other educational opportunities including pursuing associates degrees and credentials at our states community colleges.
Two of the primary sources of a prospective student's financial aid information should be from the office of Federal Student Aid and the financial aid department at the university they are interested in attending.
Often, students will lose financial aid because a dip in their grades has made them ineligible.
Financial aid help desk services as well as admissions and retention management provided by Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions capture a level of student service in financial aid unattainable to most colleges and universities on their own.
More students will likely be seeking financial aid since 529 college savings plans have suffered losses.
However, for students looking for financial aid for their college educations, this strategy now can significantly lower financial aid awards, more than outweighing any possible tax savings.
The lost financial aid over four years of college may surpass the tax savings earned by kiddie tax avoidance, which brings into question the wealth maximization benefits of the recommended income tax strategy.
It couldn't have worked out better for the campaign,'' Tim Bonnell, the California Community College Chancellor's Office student financial assistance programs coordinator, said of Hagaman winning the car, noting that she is not only a current college student but a financial aid recipient.
According to the official, about $151,000 of the total cost dealt with improper documentation and an estimated $108,000 was financial aid distributed improperly to students attending the Naples campus.
Latino students may not take the necessary courses for college entrance if they don't get information about financial aid until they are a few years into high school, says Louis DeSipio, research scholar for the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at the University of Southern California.

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