financial analyst

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: analyst - an analyst who studies the financial performance of corporations
analyst - an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions
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She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and currently on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts.
She has 18 years of investments experience and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
He has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst([R]) designation and is a member of the New York Society of Financial Analysts.
He is also a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
Both a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Investment Counselor, Hansberger has been a director and chairman of the 16,000-member Financial Analysts Federation and is a founding member and current chairman, as well as past president, of the International Society of Financial Analysts.
The CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA) is an organization of more than 1,900 financial professionals, most of whom have earned or are in the process of earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Profitability firm expands financial analyst team to meet growing client demand
Roling comes to National Coal after having served as an influential financial analyst in the metals and mining industries for more than 25 years.
A Chartered Financial Analyst, Richard is a member of the CFA Institute and the Houston Society of Financial Analysts.
A check on the overall financial analyst view of the equity reveals that financial analysts do not have high expectations for ERICY.
Although the financial analyst community is moderately optimistic for RHAT's prospects, short sellers and option speculators have both made hefty bets against the equity.

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