financial organization

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: organization - an institution (public or private) that collects funds (from the public or other institutions) and invests them in financial assets
institution, establishment - an organization founded and united for a specific purpose
giro - a British financial system in which a bank or a post office transfers money from one account to another when they receive authorization to do so
clearing house - a central collection place where banks exchange checks or drafts; participants maintain an account against which credits or debits are posted
lending institution - a financial institution that makes loans
central bank - a government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government
foundation - an institution supported by an endowment
acquirer - the financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card
nondepository financial institution - a financial institution that funds their investment activities from the sale of securities or insurance
banking company, banking concern, depository financial institution, bank - a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
Federal Home Loan Bank System - the central credit system for thrift institutions
trust company, trust corporation - an organization (usually with a commercial bank) that is engaged as a trustee or fiduciary or agent in handling trust funds or estates of custodial arrangements or stock transfers or related services
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The implant's first target was a major government-controlled financial organization," McAfee researchers ( said in a blog .
probability of systemic support, given the bank's importance as the central financial organization for Japan's agricultural, forestry, and fishery cooperatives (JAs) and the prefectural banking federations of agricultural cooperatives (shinnoren).
He asked all commercial banks to use the system and in case of any violation of the DAB laws, banks and financial organization would be fined.
As a core of rural economic construction, rural financial organization is one essential power of our new countryside construction.
It has now been announced that this has resulted in the successful implementation of Datamaker, into a major financial organization in the region.
Moreover, IT can ensure that system and network performance remains up to keep your financial organization running smoothly.
The product brings digital signage to even the smallest bank and financial organization. All organizations need is a plasma or LCD screen linked to a Windows PC with Internet connection.
As CFO, he will oversee all aspects of NRG's financial organization.
It shows what is happening from our customer's perspective in real-time across all of our call centers--and it gives executive management immediate information regarding how we are performing relative to goals and primary business objectives," said a Senior VP of Operations overlooking a large financial organization.
The report said that the negotiating team has been working "at building trust with the government negotiators" and "educating the government about how the church is structured as a decision-making and financial organization."
COS is an enterprisewide tool that allows an entire financial organization to work in a single unified-hosted environment, serving 100 percent of the origination channels that exist today through one common interface, according to the company.

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