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A synthetic androgen inhibitor used primarily in men for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and androgenetic alopecia.

[fin- (alteration of (al)ph(a-reductase) in(hibitor)) + (az)aster(oid), steroid containing azine (alteration of azo- + steroid) + (am)ide.]


n finasterida
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Data source: A post hoc analysis of follow-up findings from participants in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial in which 9,423 men took finasteride and 9,457 took placebo for 7 years.
The influence of finasteride on the development of prostate cancer.
As noted, the median prostate volume in men taking finasteride was 25% lower compared to the placebo group, which represents a huge relative reduction in bulky prostate tissues.
The scientists randomly assigned 18,882 men to receive a daily finasteride pill or a placebo.
com/research/8f5a37/dermatology_therap) has announced the addition of the "Dermatology Therapeutics Market to 2017 - Alopecia Market is Forecast to Decline Due to Patent Expiry of Finasteride in 2013 and Weak Pipeline" report to their offering.
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): Men who take the drug finasteride, commonly marketed under the trademark names Propecia and Proscar, may report an on-going reduction in sex drive, and in some cases, prolonged periods of erectile dysfunction even after they stop using the medications, according to a new study by The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
The drug Finasteride is used to treat baldness and has also been found to tackle the cancer.
If a company wants to manufacture a generic drug, be it a prescription drug like finasteride or an over-the-counter (OTC) drug like ibuprofen, it must file an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) with the FDA, even if it is manufactured by others already.
But after testing positive for finasteride late last year, he is facing a two-year ban.
Its active ingredient, finasteride, is used in larger doses under the name Proscar to treat enlarged prostate glands in men.
In fact, finasteride, a drug used to shrink enlarged prostates, blocks the creation of DHT by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase type II.
This includes Citalopram 10mg Tablets (100-count bottle) and Finasteride 5mg Tablets (90-count bottle), both distributed in the U.