finback whale

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Noun1.finback whale - large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throatfinback whale - large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throat; of Atlantic and Pacific
rorqual, razorback - any of several baleen whales of the family Balaenopteridae having longitudinal grooves on the throat and a small pointed dorsal fin
Balaenoptera, genus Balaenoptera - type genus of the Balaenopteridae
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He was certainly impressive - a 70ft, 70-ton finback whale caught off the coast of Norway in 1952.
The photos show a finback whale lying belly-up in the water while a great white shark chomped on its remains.
"It was truly an incredible experience to witness these apex predators recycling the dead finback whale," she ( wrote on Facebook of the encounter, adding, "I'm still in awe!"
The Kashmir grey langur, Indus dolphin, finback whale, Balochistan bear, musk deer, hog deer, Indian pangolin, Egyptian vulture, green turtle and Indian narrow-headed turtle are endangered.
And of the three, Iceland is the only country to hunt the endangered Finback whale.
Beside it, there is a museum of sea creatures, which showcases various sponges, shells and mummified fishes, as well as a complete finback whale skeleton, an aquarium, and a ship repair workshop.
In late December, a finback whale died after beaching in the New York City borough of Queens.
With an area of 138,000 sq km, Agoa will make it possible to reinforce the protection of emblematic but threatened species, like the sperm whale, the humpback whale and the finback whale, to sustainably manage their habitats and to ensure that they are considered in the development of human activities.
Janwillem van de Wetering's wry evocation of the state of Maine (double meaning intended) was delightful, but he states that the finback whale is "the largest creatures ever to live on this planet." The finback must take second place to the blue whale.
The talks ended in a stinging defeat for Japan, which had tabled two proposals for lifting the ban on selling Mink whales (finback whale from the Northern Hemisphere) and for allowing Bryde whales (North Pacific) to be hunted again.
Fahmy added that the female finback whale, which was estimated to be dead within 24 hours of being spotted on the shore, did not have any fatal wounds on its body.
Every day… we spearfished, swam with whale sharks, saw dolphins up close and even caught a glimpse of a finback whale. We also hiked up steep cliffs with amazing views.” Just as his mom had done 21 years earlier, Nino visited local students and participated in a beach clean-up.