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 (fĭng′kə, fēng′kä)
A rural property, especially a large farm or ranch, in Spanish America.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, real estate, from Old Spanish fincar, to pitch tents, reside, from Vulgar Latin *fīgicāre, to fasten, from Latin fīgere; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]


a villa, estate or ranch (in Spain or Spanish-speaking areas of the Americas)
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First official opening ceremony started in Agdash region, which was attended by the Country Director of FINCA Azerbaijan Timothy Tarrant, the staff and the clients.
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Durante la valoracion de SHARP en las fincas, se determino que la aplicacion omite aspectos que podrian considerarse claves en el contexto de Costa Rica, como por ejemplo: tamano de la finca, area cultivada, area de pastoreo y area forestal, personas con educacion terciaria (universitaria o tecnica), personas con discapacidad en la familia, existencia de trabajadores remunerados en la finca, asi como tambien los seguros de salud y las pensiones para los miembros de la familia y los trabajadores.
The family-owned wine business will assume ownership of Finca Casa Lo Alto - a 160ha estate in Utiell-Requena - at the end of April.
La recoleccion de la informacion se llevo a cabo por el grupo de extensionistas del Comite de Ganaderos del Tolima, quienes aplicaron 224 encuestas estructuradas (1 por finca), en donde se comprendian preguntas tanto de tipo cuantitativo como de tipo cualitativo.
FINCA MFB continues to receive support from its parent through transfer of technical expertise emanating from FINCA's global experience.
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Leveraging on Pakistan's best 4G services, the strategic collaboration between the two organizations will enable FINCA customers to perform all sorts of banking activities over their digital mobile application 'SimSim', said a press release issued here on Tuesday.
Pakistan-based data network, Zong 4G, and FINCA Microfinance Bank Pakistan have entered into a strategic alliance.
There were some eyebrows raised at senior level at St James' Park last March when Rafa Benitez first suggested that he wanted to take Newcastle United to La Finca Golf & Resort for a mid-season training camp.