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Adj.1.fine-leaved - having fine leaves
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"
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Tall grasses like miscanthus and greater quaking grass make a lovely rustling sound, even in gentle breezes; as do fine-leaved trees like birch and robinia.
RUSTLE UP SOUNDS Tall grasses like miscanthus and greater quaking grass make a lovely rustling sound, as do fine-leaved trees like birch and robinia.
I LOVE LOOKING AT THE DELICATE BEAUTY and play of light filtering through fine-leaved asparagus stalks in summer, especially as a backdrop to bolder-leaved plants and flowers.
The grass is fine-leaved and green, but didn't cope as well with wear-and-tear as other recommended lawn seeds.
Vegetation types consisted of individual species or groups of species with similar structure and included: Lythrum salicaria, cattail (Typha spp.), fine-leaved emergent (e.g., Carex, Scirpus, Spartina) and shrub (e.g., Myrica).
Fine festuca blue grass and the native green-mounding scleranthus are favourite complements along with the softening textures of fine-leaved ferns.
A fine-leaved form close to our own native helleborus foetidus, the stinking hellebore.
Fine-leaved fescues including hard rescue (HF), blue fescue (BF), sheep fescue (F.
Today, the Smiths attribute increased livestock numbers and weight gains without bloat to the fine-stemmed and fine-leaved falcata alfalfa, which they say the cattle prefer.
Among grasses with almost blue foliage, the fine-leaved Festuca glauca, especially the variety `Elijah Blue', is renowned but can become untidy in autumn.
According to John Gerard, `the Roses are little, fine-leaved, most commonly whitish, seldom tending to purple';(4) Parkinson says they are `of whitish blush colour'.(5) Nicholas Hilliard's famous miniature of a `Young Man among Roses' shows its subject surrounded by eglantine with pale pink blossoms.
It helps prevent scrub and tree encroachment and helps control bracken and coarse grasses which would otherwise smother fine-leaved wildflowers.