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Adj.1.fine-textured - having a smooth, fine-grained structure
smooth - having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities; "smooth skin"; "a smooth tabletop"; "smooth fabric"; "a smooth road"; "water as smooth as a mirror"
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This fine-textured grass grows 18 inches tall (up to 3 feet in bloom) and 2 to 3 feet wide, forming an elegant fountain of very narrow, medium green foliage.
The fine-textured blooms extend just above its dark green leaves; foliage forms a rounded, arching habit that brings texture and shape to mixed borders.
Field experiments with common bean crops grown under no-till farming were conducted at three sites with the following soil texture classes: sandy loam (coarse-textured soil), sandy clay loam (medium-textured soil), and clay (fine-textured soil) (Table 1), which were classified as Typic Hapludox, Rhodic Hapludox, and Typic Rhodudalf (Soil Survey Staff 2014) respectively.
It was developed around 1845 by the Staffordshire pottery manufacturer Mintons, and named after Paros, the Greek island renowned for its fine-textured white marble.
The second recurring comment was that producers are either out or nearly out of zoysia, especially fine-textured zoysia cultivars like Zeon and Emerald.
"A great example is Victoria Beckham - she's got naturally fine-textured hair and yet it looks thick and healthy now she's lost the long extensions and gone for a wavy lob."
The latest to be introduced is the orange guava from Taiwan which has very attractive orange flesh that is fine-textured and sweet.
Theories about why birds specifically consume soils range from use of large particles (grit) for grinding ingesta (Diamond, 1999), to the consumption of fine-textured soils with elevated mineral content for mineral supplementation and/or elevated cation exchange capacities for use in detoxifying plant metabolites (Brightsmith et al., 2008).
The back of the spoon is as fine-textured on the tongue as if it were perfectly smooth.
The typical American diet is loaded with highly refined grains that have been stripped of many of their nutrients and milled into a fine-textured carbohydrate.
This drought-tolerant warm-season South African grass withstands high traffic, is fine-textured enough for play areas, and exhibits excellent durability in yards with dogs.
Its fine-textured particles tend to clump tightly together.