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v. fin·ger·picked, fin·ger·pick·ing, fin·ger·picks
To play a stringed instrument, such as the guitar or banjo, by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
To play (a stringed instrument) by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
n. or finger pick
A pointed, slightly curved plectrum worn on the fingertip, used in playing a stringed instrument such as the guitar or banjo.

fin′ger·pick′er n.
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vb (intr)
to pluck the strings of an instrument with the fingers
a plectrum worn on the finger (rather than on the thumb)
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Also hearing James Taylor finger pick the guitar and sing made me take note.
YOU don't need green fingers to keep these pretty faux flowers, PS14.99, Dunelm Mill FI PK EEP FINGER PICK...
THIS Treacle Toffee large tote PS48, is roomy enough for all your essentials, from Betty & Walter ( FI PK EEP FINGER PICK...
Now there is a pick that combines a comfortable and size adjustable finger pick attachment with a flat pick so the 1 piece nylon guitar pick attaches to the index finger on the picking hand and stays in the proper picking position at all times (Patent pending).
Artistic director James Taylor said: "You can play air acoustic or electric guitar and even finger pick or play normal-style electric guitar."
Besides Magical Day, which sits quite nicely amid delicate, finger picked acoustic guitars, excursions from this formula are rare.
The left-handed opener returns from a broken finger picked up in the second Test, but not in time for the two Twenty20 internationals this weekend.
There were half a dozen or so, including a particularly quiet and intimate number with finger picked guitar called Don't Be Shy, completed only a few days earlier.
He was at Tannadice yesterday while the rest of the first team were off so the medical staff could check on the broken finger picked up as he dived full length in a brave bid to stop Dado Prso's second-half header, only to collide with a post.
The little bit of color that your finger picks up means there won't be any lipstick on your teeth when you smile.
I Am Kloot -Masquerade WRITTEN by the band and produced by Elbow's Guy Garvey and Craig Potter, Masquerade is a two-minute pop gem reminiscent of The Beatles with its finger picked acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.