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Noun1.finger scan - biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically
biometric authentication, biometric identification, identity verification - the automatic identification of living individuals by using their physiological and behavioral characteristics; "negative identification can only be accomplished through biometric identification"; "if a pin or password is lost or forgotten it can be changed and reissued but a biometric identification cannot"
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Power World Gyms is equipped with fully functional finger scan and management software to control access and abuse, CCTV monitoring for security, a mobile-app for member engagement, among others.
Once registered, users are allowed to wire money or invest in various sectors, including the stock and real estate market, with a finger scan or simple four-digit password.
To prevent fraud, FINCA equipped its agents with Ingenico biometric terminals to capture the applicants' fingerprints during the enrollment and validate their identities through their finger scan prior to the loan disbursement.
He argues that a more secure technique is biometric encryption, a process that combines a password and a finger scan. (The Academy uses this approach.) Incorporating multiple factors in the making of the template makes it virtually impossible to reverse engineer an identity, Cameron says.
Ontario, Calif.-based Hispanic grocer Pro"s Ranch Markets has deployed a biometric check-cashing service at all 11 of its grocery store locations in a four-state area: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.The system, Paycheck Secure from Herndon, Va.-based AllTrust, uses a finger scan to authenticate customers' identities to cash checks.
Members of the grocer's Club DLM 2.U loyalty program will receive personalized offers from a kiosk as they enter the store using a biometric finger scan, or by swiping their Club DLM Card.
"I showed up for work one day and my supervisor said if I did not finger scan, I could not work," says Clayton, who is chair of SJAE's grievance committee.
Master Lock's SmartTouch garage door opener ($200) works by reading a finger scan. Just swipe your finger across the sensor and it reads your personal fingerprint (yes, it works even if your finger is dirty!) to open or close the door--no more keys or access codes.
The machine assigns binary codes on fingers, stores them and, when a finger is scanned, it checks to see if it's the same finger scan and approves or doesn't approve.