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Having a finger or fingers, especially of a specific number, kind, or appearance. Often used in combination: four-fingered; rosy-fingered.


1. marked or dirtied by handling
a. having a finger or fingers
b. (in combination): nine-fingered; red-fingered.
3. (Music, other) (of a musical part) having numerals indicating the necessary fingering


(ˈfɪŋ gərd)

1. having fingers.
2. spoiled or marred by handling, as merchandise.
3. Zool., Bot. digitate.
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Adj.1.fingered - having or resembling a finger or fingers; often used in combination; "the fingered roots of giant trees"; "rosy-fingered"; "three-fingered cartoon characters"
fingerless - not having or having lost fingers
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He discusses both traditional and innovative scale fingerings, explaining that scales are best fingered with the middle three fingers on black keys or their adjacent white keys.
Still, a grave Green isn't the Green you expect, given that in his new film, ``Freddy Got Fingered,'' he dances around with a deer carcass on his head, swings a newborn baby by its umbilical cord and gets uncomfortably friendly with the privates of a horse on a stud farm.
57 fingered in two different ways (see Examples 2a and 2b).