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Having a finger or fingers, especially of a specific number, kind, or appearance. Often used in combination: four-fingered; rosy-fingered.


1. marked or dirtied by handling
a. having a finger or fingers
b. (in combination): nine-fingered; red-fingered.
3. (Music, other) (of a musical part) having numerals indicating the necessary fingering


(ˈfɪŋ gərd)

1. having fingers.
2. spoiled or marred by handling, as merchandise.
3. Zool., Bot. digitate.
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Adj.1.fingered - having or resembling a finger or fingers; often used in combination; "the fingered roots of giant trees"; "rosy-fingered"; "three-fingered cartoon characters"
fingerless - not having or having lost fingers
References in classic literature ?
Dobbins fingered his book absently for a while, then took it out and settled himself in his chair to read
Now Umslopogaas gasped for breath in his rage, and again he fingered the great axe.
Looking at the little trinkets which she had once eyed and fingered so fondly as the earnest of her future paradise of finery, she lived back in the moments when they had been given to her with such tender caresses, such strangely pretty words, such glowing looks, which filled her with a bewildering delicious surprise--they were so much sweeter than she had thought anything could be.