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1. A young fish, especially one less than a year old and about the size of a human finger.
2. Any of various types of potato bearing small fingerlike tubers.
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1. (Angling) a very young fish, esp the parr of salmon or trout
2. a diminutive creature or object
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(ˈfɪŋ gər lɪŋ)

1. a young or small fish, esp. a very small salmon or trout.
2. something very small.
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Noun1.fingerling - a young or small fish
fish - any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills; "the shark is a large fish"; "in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
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"The first point of contact is either a restaurant or the Food Network," says Robert Tominaga, president of southwind farms, the Heyburn, Idaho-based grower and marketer of primarily fingerling potatoes.
Compared to earlier analyses, more agencies now are rearing walleyes to fingerling size.
Walter delves into the pages, immersing himself in the story of a tormented detective called Fingerling (Carrey) and his murderous encounter with a vamp, Fabrizia (Madsen).
Walter delves into the pages, immersing himself in the story of a tormented detective called Fingerling and his murderous encounter with a vamp, Fabrizia.
Some students have sung trout release songs, or recited poems while emptying a fondly named fingerling from a plastic cup into its new river home.
Fingerling potatoes, for example, are tastier and much more colorful.
Each tank holds 12,000 litres of water and contains 5,000 fingerling catfish.
"The new pond aeration system will produce an additional 435,000 fingerling fish each year at the hatchery, including 400,000 walleye, 10,000 muskie and 25,000 bass."
As they grow to fingerling size, mobility and mouth size increase.
Production of milkfish, on the other hand, declined by 3.45 percent to 106,100 MT due to smaller sizes harvested because of low water temperature, fishkill in some area, and the shift to fingerling operations due to high cost of feeding materials.
In essence, the proposed management plan returns Diamond Lake to its pre-chub heydays, when the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife dumped 350,000 to 400,000 fingerling trout into the lake each year.