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1. A young fish, especially one less than a year old and about the size of a human finger.
2. Any of various types of potato bearing small fingerlike tubers.


1. (Angling) a very young fish, esp the parr of salmon or trout
2. a diminutive creature or object


(ˈfɪŋ gər lɪŋ)

1. a young or small fish, esp. a very small salmon or trout.
2. something very small.
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Noun1.fingerling - a young or small fish
fish - any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills; "the shark is a large fish"; "in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
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The fingerling fish, averaging 1 gram each and 2-3cm when released, will take three to four years to reach catchable size.
Cradle a Fingerling in your hand and it drifts off to sleep.
The subsequent rise of the RNA/DNA ratio with age in well-fed Anabas fingerling has also been observed in striped bass (Morone saxalitis, Walbaum) larvae and in herring larvae (Clemmesen, 1989), while in winter flounder (Pseudopleunectes americanus, Walbaum) did not find any dependence on larval age [10,11].
1] (T7) produced significant increases in plasma cortisol and glucose levels, the observed reduction in hematocrit was not statistically significant and fingerling survival rate was 100%.
This was due to the construction of a greater number of ponds per area, compared to fish grow-out ponds, plus the need for installing a net cover to protect the fish against winged predators, a necessity during fingerling and rearing stages.
But in the temperate weather of fall, I like Sauteed Sprouts With Chicken Sausage and Fingerling Potatoes.
Development of fingerling production techniques in nursery ponds for the critically endangered reba carp, Cirrhinus ariza (Hamilton, 1807).
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife needs volunteers to carry fingerling trout to about 60 high Cascades lakes July 19 in a unique fish stocking project.
The Specialty Potato Alliance (SPA) is a group of fingerling potato growers and (distributors, located throughout the United States, who are committed to growing and packing the finest potatoes possible.
Varieties offered by the newly dubbed Klamath Basin Fresh Organics include six unique types of fingerlings (Klamath Pearl, Russian Banana, Ruby Crescent, French Fingerling, Purple Fiesta and AmaRosa).
The first point of contact is either a restaurant or the Food Network," says Robert Tominaga, president of southwind farms, the Heyburn, Idaho-based grower and marketer of primarily fingerling potatoes.
Compared to earlier analyses, more agencies now are rearing walleyes to fingerling size.