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v. fin·ger·picked, fin·ger·pick·ing, fin·ger·picks
To play a stringed instrument, such as the guitar or banjo, by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
To play (a stringed instrument) by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
n. or finger pick
A pointed, slightly curved plectrum worn on the fingertip, used in playing a stringed instrument such as the guitar or banjo.

fin′ger·pick′er n.


vb (intr)
to pluck the strings of an instrument with the fingers
a plectrum worn on the finger (rather than on the thumb)
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The softly fingerpicked "Slightly Sober," for example, scratches at the scab of her sobriety: Sleeping on the tube/Mouth wide open, I'm falling into you/ Maybe in the morning we can just pretend nothing ever hap-pened/And do it all again/It feels so nice to forget everything.
His broad Scottish brogue is countered by some delicately fingerpicked guitar (in a multitude of tunings) and his work is shot-through with the folk traditions of these islands.
Consequently, ditties that revolve around fingerpicked acoustic guitar and gentle dynamics pop out of the mix rather than getting lost in the shuffle.
There's a serene calm amplified by tinny fingerpicked guitar and animatronic bird calls.
he opened up room to improvise, dispending taut blues leads, ingeniously shifting jazz chords and spiky fingerpicked syncopations .