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Noun1.fingerpointing - the imputation of blame; "they want all the finger-pointing about intelligence failures to stop"
imputation - a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense); "he denied the imputation"
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He said the bill seeks to address various issues, such as the need to improve coordination among concerned offices, hence, the proposal to put them together under one roof to avoid fingerpointing among agencies concerned with OFW affairs.
The all-rounder celebrated his wicket-taking exploits with a fingerpointing dance.
Gordon also hit Aquino and his men for resorting to "fingerpointing all the time", comparing their responses to the Dengvaxia controversy.
INDEPENDENT councillor James Slim faced similar, groundless fingerpointing at last year's by-election.
"But at this stage of the season, with five games to go, it's not a day or a time for fingerpointing and apportioning blame.
However, far from being a fingerpointing exercise, the work carried out looked to utilise what is a, according to Claire, another more historic factor in the region's life, "our local traditions of resilience".
Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Sunday rejected Iranian fingerpointing at Washington over a deadly parade attack, saying Iranian leaders should look closer to home.
But after a spot of fingerpointing between the managers lent a bit of spice to the closing stages, Manchester City loanee Jack Harrison popped up with a leveller - arrowing home a low drive from the edge of the box to spare Bielsa's blushes.
The vast investment in the academy has led to much fingerpointing in the last few seasons, and those fingers have proliferated under Pep Guardiola.
I believe they can park the fingerpointing and cheap politics and focus on the bigger prize - a Scotland where people aren't forced to endure the bitterness of others.
Yet again, there was no one fingerpointing or anyone having a go at their team-mates telling them to sort themselves out, like someone like Gary Hamilton would have in our Boro days.