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Noun1.fingerpointing - the imputation of blame; "they want all the finger-pointing about intelligence failures to stop"
imputation - a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense); "he denied the imputation"
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It attracted the attention of 44,000 people and there was lots of fingerpointing.
This passion sometimes leads Wills to overly sweeping conclusions and fingerpointing that seems excessive, but if so, it is the excess of prophecy.
In other words, what's the alternative between a repressed, dour, fingerpointing Catholicism and a flaming, salacious, crotch-grabbing rebellion?
Everybody's sexualized, and everybody's sex is somewhat repressed, and no one can really do any fingerpointing anymore.
These advanced diagnostics speed problem resolution and reduce vendor fingerpointing, Capeless claims.
There continues to be a lot of fingerpointing going around, and small business owners are blaming the banks for not lending credit to them, which may result in their businesses folding," Rauseo said.
they seem to have gone for short-term headlines, fingerpointing - a normal response of Labour in Cardiff, blame > TURN TO PAGES 4&5
At closer scrutiny, there does seem to be a degree of fingerpointing and blame shifting wherever you look.
They are falling over themselves not to disrupt Spurs' season by making any official approach but the 3-1 defeat to Manchester United yesterday meant the fingerpointing started anyway.
They just smiled politely - no staring or fingerpointing - lost in the beautiful stillness of the eerily quiet mountain.
Reacting to her comment, CAG Vinod Rai said Dikshit should desist from fingerpointing.
But, in spite of nudges and fingerpointing wherever she goes, she doesn't feel as inextricably associated with Bianca as she once was.