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Noun1.fingerprint expert - a specialist in identifying fingerprints
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
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But a fingerprint expert flown from the US said that the print left in the murder scene was not Ms McKie's.
FINGERPRINT expert Robert Mackenzie found out he was facing the sack when his son read it in a newspaper.
Grampian deputy chief constable Patrick Shearer said in a letter to the fingerprint expert the probe would "establish whether you committed any disciplinary offences".
David Russell, speaking on behalf of fingerprint expert Peter Swann, insisted yesterday: "That is simply not true.
The fingerprint expert has spent nine years checking clues from the scene against thousands of others held by police.
Frank, 65, a retired fingerprint expert, said: "We've been sitting floating in the Atlantic for hours.
A sacked fingerprint expert has been awarded more than PS400,000 in compensation after police chiefs refused to reinstate her.
NO quality checks were in place to monitor a fingerprint expert who made errors in at least a dozen enquiries into Troubles deaths, a coroner's court heard yesterday.
There is also a transcript of expert witness testimony from an FBI fingerprint expert. Learning features include key terms, objectives, summaries, and review questions, along with b&w and color photos in the lab and in the field.
While cross-examining a fingerprint expert, Tsarnaev's lawyers asked him to identify receipts found inside Tamerlan's wallet.
Inspector Catherine Araes, a senior fingerprint expert at the Namibian Police said that Namibia is faced with challenges when it comes to solving crimes.
"The two photographs of the jacket and the policeman wearing the jacket were then given to a fingerprint expert who then matched on 13 separate points the patterning of the jacket on the two pictures to prove that it was the same jacket worn by the prisoner on the night of the assault."