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Noun1.fingerprint expert - a specialist in identifying fingerprints
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
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A sacked fingerprint expert has been awarded more than PS400,000 in compensation after police chiefs refused to reinstate her.
NO quality checks were in place to monitor a fingerprint expert who made errors in at least a dozen enquiries into Troubles deaths, a coroner's court heard yesterday.
A FINGERPRINT expert sacked over her role in the Shirley McKie scandal has won her unfair dismissal case.
A number of police officials and crime scene investigation experts attended the press conference including Major Abdul Rahman Salem Al Khyal, director of fingerprint section, Captain Marthed Hussein, director of Crime Scene, Syed Dosoqi, fingerprint expert, and Lieutenant Ahmad Al Hammadi, director of Media and Public Relation Department, Sharjah Police.
There is also a transcript of expert witness testimony from an FBI fingerprint expert.
While cross-examining a fingerprint expert, Tsarnaev's lawyers asked him to identify receipts found inside Tamerlan's wallet.
Inspector Catherine Araes, a senior fingerprint expert at the Namibian Police said that Namibia is faced with challenges when it comes to solving crimes.
The two photographs of the jacket and the policeman wearing the jacket were then given to a fingerprint expert who then matched on 13 separate points the patterning of the jacket on the two pictures to prove that it was the same jacket worn by the prisoner on the night of the assault.
The disaster victim identification team, which includes a pathologist, odontologist and fingerprint expert, will assist experts from New Zealand and Australia in the process.
The High Commission said the eight-strong team, which includes a pathologist, odontologist, and fingerprint expert, will assist experts from New Zealand and Australia.
This training has been funded by the Representative Office of Romania in the Palestinian Authority, implemented by fingerprint expert Dariusz Mazurek, and coordinated by EUPOL COPPS' Criminal Justice and Police Law expert, Dr.
Once the fingerprints are visible they are then normally photographed and examined by a fingerprint expert to get a match against a suspect.