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Communication by means of a manual alphabet.

fin′ger·spell′ v.


(ˈfɪŋ gərˌspɛl ɪŋ)

communication in sign language by means of a manual alphabet.
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Noun1.fingerspelling - an alphabet of manual signs
sign language, signing - language expressed by visible hand gestures
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This paper mainly focuses on the fingerspelling based sign language recognition of basic 31 alphabets of Tamil language.
These adaptations include using tactile communication, such as braille and fingerspelling, to interact with customers and employees.
Understand and communicate 1.1 Address, greet and take leave basic conversation when meeting of another BSL user people 1.2 Understand and produce fingerspelling (the manual alphabet) for names of people and places 1.3 Use and recognise strategies for asking for clarification 1.4 Use and recognise simple question forms 1.5 Ask for and give relevant personal information about self or others 2.
In the system, real-time recognition of American Sign Language (ASL) fingerspelling gestures is performed based on input signals acquired from a wireless sensor gloves.
Bowden, "Spelling it out: Real-time ASL fingerspelling recognition," in Proc.
However, in order to free capitals to be used for annotation symbols and fingerspelling, in the SASL corpus glosses are transcribed using small letters.
Computers can have special fonts installed, such as ASL fingerspelling or Dyslexie (an easier to read font for people with dyslexia).
You will discover in-depth expansion features in American Sign Language, fingerspelling, numbers and the deaf culture.
fingerspelling," which she sees as "the only way to precisely represent written English on the hands" (178).
Although fingerspelling a word does not itself denote an understanding of the concept, the fluency of the signing and fingerspelling can be an indicator of conceptual understanding (Padden, 2006).