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1. Architecture A sculptured ornament, often in the shape of a leaf or flower, at the top of a gable, pinnacle, or similar structure.
2. An ornamental terminating part, as on a post or piece of furniture.

[Middle English, last, finial, variant of final; see final.]


1. (Architecture) an ornament on top of a spire, gable, etc, esp in the form of a foliated fleur-de-lys
2. (Furniture) an ornament at the top of a piece of furniture, etc
[C14: from finial (adj), variant of final]
ˈfinialed adj


(ˈfɪn i əl, ˈfaɪ ni-)

1. a relatively small ornamental terminal feature at the top of a gable or spire.
2. a terminating ornament, as on the top of a post or a piece of furniture.
3. a curve terminating the main stroke of the characters in some italic type fonts.
[1400–50; < Anglo-French *finial or Anglo-Latin *finiālis, alter. of Latin finālis; see final]


- The decorative knob on the top of a lamp, holding the shade on.
See also related terms for lamp.
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Noun1.finial - an ornament at the top of a spire or gable; usually a foliated fleur-de-lis
decoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify
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AT Anthemion Auctions in Cardiff, a rare item is to be offered in May's fine art auction, in the form of a small precious stone set finial, which would originally have been worn as ornamentation, and to denote rank, on the hat of a Tibetan government minister.
District Food Control Ijaz said that the finial strategy would be worked out in a meeting under DC Rawalpindi on 20th May.
Fleuron owns well known decorative hardware brands Paris Texas Hardware, The Finial Co and Gould New York.
Though the photo you sent is a bit murky, it appears the piece is missing its sideplate and a finial on the end of the ejector, which affects value greatly.
Two years after original was damaged in astorm, Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma will unveil new finial tomorrow
Caption: Harp & Finial The Berkshire canvas art from Harp & Finial is handpainted abstract art on gallery wrap canvas.
And they are currently scouring the school to find where the finial, an ornament that adorns bannisters, was swiped from.
Ng says he wanted to create the illusion that the newel and handrail were created from a single piece of wood flowing into the Bird's Egg finial.
FINIAL should be hard to beat making a first venture into handicap company in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Nursery Stakes at Goodwood.
Master carpenter Jeff Samuelson placed the gold-leaf finial atop the Town House bell tower, ending a three-year saga.
Cox has recently taken delivery of a Dutch Art two-year-old filly called Finial, who is out of a half-sister to Palatial, dam of 1,000 Guineas runner-up Spacious.
The finial is made of bronze, but may have had the appearance of gold to the thieves.