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adj. fin·ick·i·er, fin·ick·i·est
Insisting capriciously on getting just what one wants; difficult to please; fastidious: a finicky eater.

[From finick, a finical person, from finical.]

fin′ick·i·ness n.


the quality of being finicky, fussiness over details


n (of person)Pingeligkeit f (inf); (about language also) → Haarspalterei f; (of task)Kniff(e)ligkeit f (inf); because of his finickiness about what he eatsweil er so wählerisch beim Essen ist
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It would make a great difference in the drainage, but a new plowman might think this finickiness and just go ahead and plow all of it north and south, or all of it east and west and this would result in a lower yield--some parts of the field would get soggy and the wheat might get a rust, and other parts drain too readily, letting the ground become parched and break into cakes, all of which might be prevented.
While "eating together they [have] always felt embarrassed he, unsettled by her finickiness and her curbed enjoyment, and, she, revolted by his energy and his fingers working the dal, his slurps and smacks" (IL 176).
The fashion sense and finickiness were at odds with each other: no matter how sophisticated the hills and valleys of Ibadan, or how fashionable the Yoruba woman with a university degree, the fundamentals of the Yoruba stew would not change and the taste of a stew ground by hand with cold, hard stone could not be compromised.
I've never seen accuracy problems, or even finickiness, with Special Varminters or Tropical rifles, both with heavy barrels.
22 Hornet rifles I haven't found much finickiness in handloading.
This type of behavior, namely, rejection of motivationally relevant but less palatable items under conditions of deprivation, has been termed finickiness (Pliner, Herman, & Polivy, 1990).
For commentators, statements about the Master's finickiness might have called for an explanation.
banks have to cater to [parental] finickiness, or they fail.