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Finis is written, and your man wanders in strange gardens.
I wrote the word finis at the end of the sixty-eighth strip about a week ago.
This Rex certainly must be a relation of the great author Finis, who wrote all books!
The organisers thanked their volunteers and sponsors, including Finis, Sports Castle, Sharq Village & Spa, Haidari Trading, McDonalds, Oriental Trading Company (OTC), Jannah Water, Al Meera and Alankar Gifts, for their contribution to the success of the Aquathlon.
re cite l'AaAaAeA@largisse de la liste des marchandises soumises AaAaAeA la Taxe intAaAaAeA@rieure de consomma (TIC) au taux de 30%, pour 10 familles de produits finis.
Concerna les droits de douane, l'amendement soumis par le patronat plaide pour un maintien des taux en vigueur sur certains produits finis et semi-finis.
I'd winner then c" sout a a winner i next race been so rollerc Ih finis sec esp in fi an yo go the title, g beaten in phot even more frustrati There were a few over thelast ten day where I was just tou and it can be hard t I've had about four them recently.
pl Lla ma Pete said: "very com game, finis h d "There will be some stiff legs at work on Monday, but we all have fond memories of our colleague, Henry.
Multiple sources revealed to Hollywood news sites USA Today and People that the 26-year-old pop icon wrote finis to her romantic relationship with the 32-year-old Scottish DJ singer and songwriter last week.
The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turnout & Extension," DVD, $39.
Pimentel , who has worked at Seagate since 2011, previously served on Seagate's board of directors from 2009 to 2011; was a member of the early Seagate management team working with founders Al Shugart and Finis Conner and was part of the founding management team of Conner Peripherals.
One of the refugees named Ismail Mamo said he leant Dutch in three months and he plans to bring his family to the country after the finis his education.