finish with

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w>finish with

vi +prep obj
(= no longer need)nicht mehr brauchen; I’ve finished with the paper/bookich bin mit der Zeitung/dem Buch fertig
(= want no more to do with) I’ve finished with himich will nichts mehr mit ihm zu tun haben, ich bin fertig mit ihm (inf); (with boyfriend) → ich habe mit ihm Schluss gemacht
you wait till I’ve finished with you! (inf)warte nur, dich knöpfe ich mir noch vor (inf)
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Sullivan in the final 50 meters to finish with a meet-best clocking of 15minutes, 4 seconds on the 5,000-meter Woodward Park course.
The firm also achieved surprising levels of surface finish with the high-pressure squeeze of the automatic matchplate molding machine without wash and hopes to investigate possibilities regarding its use in the future.
Using an advanced wood floor finishing technology, this new system chemically "sands" the floor and creates a receptive surface that bonds the underlying finish with the new, crystal clear, fast-drying topcoat.
For instance, a 28-mm Alcoa finish can be changed to a 28-mm PCO finish with a slight adjustment in the transition region of the preform.