finishing coat

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Noun1.finishing coat - the final coat of paint
coat of paint - a layer of paint covering something else
2.finishing coat - the final coating of plaster applied to walls and ceilings; "we can't paint until they put on the finishing coat"
coating, coat - a thin layer covering something; "a second coat of paint"
plaster - a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water; hardens into a smooth solid; used to cover walls and ceilings
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construction site equipment, scaffolding painting and varnishing work, interior wall filling q3: ~ 8000m 2 , fill wall slits: ~ 680m, first, bottom & top coat each: ~ 8 500 m 2 , filling ceiling: ~ 2 600 m 2 , ground, intermediate - & finishing coat ceiling each: ~ 1 500 m 2 , primer and top coat floor each: ~ 820 m 2 , first and base coat steel frames: ~ 130 pcs, priming and initial coating door leaves: ~ 25 pcs, make acrylic joint: ~ 8 900 m.
In practice, due to the heat blocking action of the insulating layer, heat is usually stored in the finishing coat of the ETICS.
uk) - lip tint and clear lip gloss; Paul & Joe Mascara Base and Finishing Coat, pounds 17 (www.
Installation of a paint line to apply a finishing coat on products for drawer sides, bottoms and cabinet backs was next.
The finishing coat is likely to be what is known in racing parlance as a flip coat, or Chromaflare.
This base coat acts as a primer onto which the finishing coat of paint is applied.
Test the effect of the finishing coat on the color; some sealers will change the tone of the stain.
Spray n Shine(TM), an automotive waterless wash and wax, is a spray-on application designed to detail between 4-6 cars or 8-10 motorcycles without the use of water, leaving a finishing coat of Carnauba wax.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Iron & steel and labour for fabrication, painting, erection of steel structures, earth mat, earth bore, and second finishing coat of Aluminium paint and allied works etc.
UP-profile 530 running meters; Diagonal reinforcement 178 pieces; Edge sections 510 running meters; Cement putty ceiling 2095 m2; Basic, finishing coat ceiling latex paint 2095 m2.
Services listed here include the 2nd phase Plaster P IV, 15 mm, Q2, 2 290 mA; Lime cement plaster P II, 15 mm, Q3, 240 mA;UP-profile 530 running meters; Diagonal reinforcement 178 pieces; Edge sections 510 running meters; Cement putty ceiling 2095 mA; Ground, ceiling finishing coat emulsion paint 2095 mA.
1000 m2 of stainless steel / aluminum - substructure of the facade, overall structure of 26 cm;25 m2 stainless steel / aluminum - substructure on the ceiling;1000 m2 thermal insulation 160 mm Rockwool 035;450 m2 Facade Board ESG on epoxidharzgebundener carrier plate for VHF;550 m2 plaster baseboard for VHF;550 m2 reinforcement and finishing coat construction, of which 200 m2 with plaster patterns in stencil technology;500 m2 Anti-graffiti protection on plaster surfaces;100 m2 plinth insulation, reinforcement and finishing coat structure;25 m window sills made of aluminum sheet Customised.