finishing coat

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Noun1.finishing coat - the final coat of paint
coat of paint - a layer of paint covering something else
2.finishing coat - the final coating of plaster applied to walls and ceilings; "we can't paint until they put on the finishing coat"
coating, coat - a thin layer covering something; "a second coat of paint"
plaster - a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water; hardens into a smooth solid; used to cover walls and ceilings
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The aim is to quantify the reconstruction of the facades on the left bank of the EHPAD, including scaffolding, washing the facades, anti-foaming treatment, applying a coat of paint + a finishing coat, repairing the areas that require it.
In practice, due to the heat blocking action of the insulating layer, heat is usually stored in the finishing coat of the ETICS.
Installation of a paint line to apply a finishing coat on products for drawer sides, bottoms and cabinet backs was next.
But why use acrylic latex as a secondary, finishing coat?
The finishing coat is likely to be what is known in racing parlance as a flip coat, or Chromaflare.
This base coat acts as a primer onto which the finishing coat of paint is applied.
Test the effect of the finishing coat on the color; some sealers will change the tone of the stain.
construction site equipment, scaffolding painting and varnishing work, interior wall filling q3: ~ 8000m 2 , fill wall slits: ~ 680m, first, bottom & top coat each: ~ 8 500 m 2 , filling ceiling: ~ 2 600 m 2 , ground, intermediate - & finishing coat ceiling each: ~ 1 500 m 2 , primer and top coat floor each: ~ 820 m 2 , first and base coat steel frames: ~ 130 pcs, priming and initial coating door leaves: ~ 25 pcs, make acrylic joint: ~ 8 900 m.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Iron & steel and labour for fabrication, painting, erection of steel structures, earth mat, earth bore, and second finishing coat of Aluminium paint and allied works etc., for the upgradation of 110/33KV Andimadam SS.
UP-profile 530 running meters; Diagonal reinforcement 178 pieces; Edge sections 510 running meters; Cement putty ceiling 2095 m2; Basic, finishing coat ceiling latex paint 2095 m2.
1A 1169(N) Dc 35576-A Aide Memoire P/11 Note Finishing Coat Will Be Of Ready Mixed Paint Olive Green Colour To Isc-220 Of Is 5-94 To Specification 168 Latest Issue.