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a. Having bounds; limited: a finite list of choices; our finite fossil fuel reserves.
b. Existing, persisting, or enduring for a limited time only; impermanent.
2. Mathematics
a. Being neither infinite nor infinitesimal.
b. Having a positive or negative numerical value; not zero.
c. Possible to reach or exceed by counting. Used of a number.
d. Having a limited number of elements. Used of a set.
3. Grammar Of or relating to any of the forms of a verb that can occur on their own in a main clause and that can formally express distinctions in person, number, tense, mood, and voice, often by means of conjugation, as the verb sees in She sees the sign.
A finite thing.

[Middle English finit, from Latin fīnītus, past participle of fīnīre, to limit, from fīnis, end.]

fi′nite′ly adv.
fi′nite′ness n.
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Noun1.finiteness - the quality of being finite
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
boundlessness, infiniteness, limitlessness, unboundedness, infinitude - the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
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MJ is a survivor of a childhood condition that led him to see the frailty and finiteness of life.
Topics include the classification of finite pointed braided tensor categories, the finiteness of the Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of Nichols algebras, the bicategory of bialgebra coverings, the theory of non-associative graded simple algebras over real numbers, and Hopf algebras with a triangular decomposition.
However, in Islam, you value the finiteness of life and eternity, and not materialism," he noted.
'The current water shortage is a wake-up call for everyone that by now should have alerted us to the reality that amid the steadily growing prosperity in our society, there is a finiteness to the essential things that support life,' explained Joel Luna, principal of Joel Luna Planning and Design (JLPD).
"Glass dust" evokes human estrangement from creation and the finiteness of all created things.
Getting a holiday job would teach them how money is obtained, the finiteness of money and good work ethics.
If the finiteness of life is what gives us impetus to create, then surely we would create more as the end point edges inevitably closer with time?
In this sense, Hegel's statement on finiteness from his Science of Logic is worth remembering: in its being-in-itself, the finite simultaneously contains, on the one hand, its own limitation and transience, as it is always defined from the perspective of the end (i.e.
The book's themes -- "the nomadic life that we now lead in the world, with our constant movement, our constant desire to pick up and go, whether it's from relationships or whether it's to other countries", and "the limitedness, the finiteness, the mortality of the human body, which is always pulled towards the ground" -- collide in Tokarczuk's "extraordinary" stories, said Appignanesi.
Especially when it comes to economists, it's often crucial to underline the laws of nature and the finiteness of the Earth with facts and scientific insight.
God knows the end from the beginning, but we in our finiteness could not even see what lies around the corner.