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adj. fin·ni·er, fin·ni·est
1. Having a fin or fins.
2. Resembling a fin; finlike.
3. Of, relating to, or full of fish.
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adj, -nier or -niest
1. poetic relating to or containing many fishes
2. (Zoology) having or resembling a fin or fins
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(ˈfɪn i)

adj. -ni•er, -ni•est.
1. pertaining to or abounding in fish.
2. having fins; finned.
3. finlike.
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"Nope, it ain't the valley of the moon," agreed Billy, and he said it on the evening of the day he hooked a monster steelhead, standing to his neck in the ice-cold water of the Rogue and fighting for forty minutes, with screaming reel, ere he drew his finny prize to the bank and with the scalp-yell of a Comanche jumped and clutched it by the gills.
Every one knows that by the peculiar cunning of their gills, the finny tribes in general breathe the air which at all times is combined with the element in which they swim, hence, a herring or a cod might live a century, and never once raise its head above the surface.
The whole was surmounted by an imitation of one of the finny tribe, carved in wood by the hands of Richard, and painted what he called a “scale-color.” This animal Mr.
They now entered a region abounding with buffalo -- that ever-journeying animal, which moves in countless droves from point to point of the vast wilderness; traversing plains, pouring through the intricate defiles of mountains, swimming rivers, ever on the move, guided on its boundless migrations by some traditionary knowledge, like the finny tribes of the ocean, which, at certain seasons, find their mysterious paths across the deep and revisit the remotest shores.
Further, romantic as he was in spirit, he was not able to free himself from the pseudo-classical mannerisms; every page of his poem abounds with the old lifeless phraseology--'the finny tribes' for 'the fishes,' 'the vapoury whiteness' for 'the snow' or 'the hard-won treasures of the year' for 'the crops.' His blank verse, too, is comparatively clumsy--padded with unnecessary words and the lines largely end-stopped.
Good friends Finny (Vas Blackwood), Rage (Roffem Morgan) and Too Fine (Simon Webbe) form the hip hop act Time Served, which seems destined for success, until Too Fine is brutally murdered.
And Good Tradition, a 104-rated performer, should give Finny Maguire his first success since becoming a 5lb claimer.
"Finny contributed solidly throughout the game, and it was great to see," said Brown.
But, sure to be ready for his return and with Finny Maguire claiming 7lb he's difficult to oppose.
"There has not been a lot of red ball practice, butwe sawJimmy (Anderson) coming into a rhythm at the end of the first innings at Lord's and Finny (Steven Finn) burst onto the scene and did very well."