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n. pl. fi·nos
A pale, very dry sherry.

[Spanish (jerez) fino, dry (sherry), from fino, fine, from Latin fīnis, end, supreme degree.]
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(Brewing) a very dry sherry
[from Spanish: fine1]
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My brother writes as follows about the origin of the first part of "Zarathustra":--"In the winter of 1882-83, I was living on the charming little Gulf of Rapallo, not far from Genoa, and between Chiavari and Cape Porto Fino. My health was not very good; the winter was cold and exceptionally rainy; and the small inn in which I lived was so close to the water that at night my sleep would be disturbed if the sea were high.
In the afternoon, as often as my health permitted, I walked round the whole bay from Santa Margherita to beyond Porto Fino. This spot was all the more interesting to me, inasmuch as it was so dearly loved by the Emperor Frederick III.
Civita Vecchia, Leghorn, Porto Fino, Genoa, Cornice, Off Nice
En la Tabla II se observa que no existen diferencias significativas entre el vermicompost de 100% estiercol vacuno y el de la mezcla (50:50) de estiercol y restos de palma, pero si hay diferencias significativas (p<0,01) en relacion al tamano del grano (Tabla III), registrandose el menor valor de %PT en el vermicompost de grano grueso (45,76%) y el mayor valor para el grano fino (57,39%).
Tio Pepe Fino Muy Seco (750ml), pounds 8.29 Looked more like French chardonnay than sherry.
In Valencia, paella might be matched with either of two hauntingly dry, breathtakingly crisp styles of sherry-manzanilla (light and elegant) or fino (powerful).
"The Fino system represents the advances and innovations that Bacchus Vascular has made in thrombus removal.
Organized by Peter Doroshenko, director of the Institute of Visual Arts at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Mega Fino will feature site-specific works by Jose Gabriel Fernandez (Venezuela), Naomi Fisher (USA), Laura Hamilton (Jamaica), Quisqueya Henriquez (Venezuela), Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica), Aaron Salabarria (Puerto Rico), Rosangela Renno (Brazil) and Eugenia Vargas (USA), among others.
A fairly dry Fino sherry, this comes from Sanlucar De Barrameda and has been matured in huge cellars near the sea which gives a salty tang.
Alexa Keymer will join Manchester's cocktail maestro Adam Day at Arcane on King Street at 2pm where guests will sample specially crafted cocktails using Fino and Amontillado.