fire bell

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bell - a bell rung to give a fire alarm
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
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It can't be a fire because I haven't heard the fire bell and there isn't anyone running," he thought.
Tenders are invited for fire bell system for yard 3019 p 28
Dooley compared similarities between AMT life and the firefighter career field in the sense he never knew what he was getting in to when the fire bell rang.
The chairmen alleged he made them look daft by ringing a fire bell to shout: "Order round the room" and make announcements such as: "The pies have come" or "On behalf of the Committee, I should like to tell you we made a mistake in offering the raffle prize of a diving suit.
In an emergency we have a fire bell which alerts the staff and children to evacuate the premises.
Osoinach, who came running and with his son rushed to ring the Catholic church's bell, which was also used as a city fire bell.
When he retired they gave him the old brass fire bell.
Not only will troops have to be assembled, dispatched, transported and armed as the fire bell is ringing.
30am yesterday when a fire bell sounded at their Leeds hotel.
That debate was a fire bell in the night for the neoconservatives.
AYOUR Jim Veteran stand-up Colin Crompton, as the flat capwearing host Mr Chairman, was not above interrupting the turns by ringing on his big fire bell, with a request to "Give order, please" and making important announcements, such as there being a few tickets left for the meat raffle.
The piano symphony played on black and white keys clanging of the fire bell revving of the red tractor and squawking from the blue parrot will hold everyone's attention.