fire exit

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Our deliveries couldn't get past on Monday and we are concerned because it's a fire exit too - what if there's a fire and people can't get out because other people leave their bags of rubbish?
Our letter to residents confused battery back up in emergency lighting with fire exit signage.
The incident, at a metal fire exit at the rear of the club happened at around 3.
Prosecutor Joseph Hart said every fire exit had been nailed or chained shut, or blocked with beds.
The City Council said the company had failed to risk assess the fire exit as a means of ejection and failed to train door staff.
BIG Brother bosses pulled the plug after Lisa bolted out of the house through a fire exit at 2am.
Staff fled to a storeroom and managed to leave through a fire exit.
Value Series panic and fire exit hardware from Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, features alarmed, durable, code-compliant rim exit devices.
Such a measure should include, a minimum of two such lifts located in or adjacent to the fire exit stair cores; ability to stop at every floor and to pickup handicap employees at refuge landings; and important machine room upgrades.
Of course the fire code still requires a fire-exit sign above the door if it's a fire exit, which calls attention to it, but this approach might help somewhat.
The 11 infractions noted then included a defective fire alarm system, lack of a self-closing fire door at the main stairs, the absence of an automatic fire suppression system, obstructed route to the fire exit and lack of smoke or heat detectors.