fire hose

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hose - a large hose that carries water from a fire hydrant to the site of the firefire hose - a large hose that carries water from a fire hydrant to the site of the fire
hosepipe, hose - a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas
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Developed by Purdue University researchers, the robots are now equipped with a new automatic T-valve system, which can remove water from a fire hose when the robot arrives at a new location.
MALE sealion Oba enjoyed some emergency rations when keepers tucked treats into old fire hose donated by West Midlands Fire Service.
A spokesperson for Northumber land Fire and Rescue Service said: ""The fire hose at the back of the building has been laid out purely as a precautionary measure should an incident occur while current exter nal work is being carried out."
The company's impressive portfolio stretch right throughout the sultanate and include the Muscat Grand Mall (complete fire-fighting installations including sprinklers, fire hose reels etc), Supreme Court, Anantara Hotel (Jebel Akhdar), Barr al Jissah, etc.
The program, which runs from 9 to 11 a.m., will include a Bucket Brigade, an opportunity to slide down a firefighter pole, a chance to use a fire hose to knock down a wooden flame on a miniature house, the Kids Combat Challenge, and the Tug-O-War with the firefighters at the end of the morning.
Itasca, IL, February 07, 2018 --( Key Fire Hose and W.S Darley & Company, leaders in the fire industry, announced today that they have successfully donated 1,840 Darley Safe Water Boxes to Puerto Rico through the organization United for Puerto Rico.
Together, fire fighters and police broke a window and flooded the vehicle with a fire hose to prevent Perez from setting himself, or the vehicle, on fire.
This billfold wallet (PS75) and weekender bag (PS299) are both created from decommissioned fire hose, and the wallet has a parachute silk lining.
The Foundation's first research grant, to the Fire Protection Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is intended to assist in the research and development of a fireproof fire hose.
In this hall there are also a model of the first fire depot of Astana city (1950), parade uniform of officers, fire fighting gear, and fire equipment: fore-hose barrel and a fire hose.
None have performed better than my Fire Hose Bib Apron from Duluth Trading Co.
Fire Hose Cargo Work Pants ($64.50) are for hardworking guys who put their pants to the test every day.